Stylist Request

  • When setting up a styling appt. You must have one or the other at hand: wardrobe account that you are willing to fill w/ your own money or previous work (portfolio) to see if you are markable to receive borrowed items under contract.

With being a very new stylist, I must be able to establish relationships w/ companies, brands, stores, etc. That will be willing to lend clothing for events, photoshoots, shows, etc.

  1. The contract is drawn so that in case any damage is done to the garment, under your care, you are fully held responsible for the item or items.
  2. Your wardrobe account gives you more opportunity to take risk & receive what you desire.
  3. Be ready to provide images, style choice, & preference of style choice.

Scheduling is important. If it is our first appt and you are in need that week, it may be best to come w/ a wardrobe account, receive style advice or personal shopping assistance.

  •  If it is at a later date, we can try out our options, if, you have a working portfolio to present. Your portfolio & work history will be used to persuade brands, designers, stores, websites, etc into lending their garments out.

Remember: your wardrobe is always an option.