The Path of the Butterfly


Thank you for the first step and coming forward with requesting assistances.

You are now entering the, Caterpillar stage:

Photo credit: Sarah Jane (Flikr)

Our goal here is that you will not leave out the same.


  • Welcome, here, we will discuss


    • Consultation fee
    • Reasons for desiring consulting services
    • Body measurements, garments, and shoe size. I will ask you for 3 images and your reasoning behind choosing those images. (I cannot help you with choosing nor the reason why. You are on your own right here, but no worries, not for long)
    • Full body image, Instructions: hair pulled away from face; Garments in image: tank (camisole, (plain) white t-shirt (for men and women) are allowed as well, denim jeans, no shoes (socks are allowed).
    • Wardrobe Budget: The amount you desire to invest in your wardrobe, rather it is for a present or future purchase.

The consultation fee is $50. It is an investment in your change. I need to know that you are as invested as we are in assisting in you.

Once we have gathered all the information requested, we will go forward with creating your new profile.


Cocoon Stage:

Photo credit: Pinterest

The Profile: all changes here, you will see whom you will become. It is detailed and the portfolio that will assist you throughout your journey.


  • Style Consultation Program (Layout)



    • Image 1
      • Introduction
      • Image: Explanation
      • Style Inspiration
      • Lifestyle: Explanation
      • More Inspo.
      • Websites/Brands


    • Image 2
      • Introduction
      • Image: Explanation
      • Style Inspiration
      • Lifestyle: Explanation
      • More Inspo.
      • Websites/Brands


    • Image 3:
      • Introduction
      • Image: Explanation
      • Style Inspiration
      • Lifestyle: Explanation
      • More Inspo.
      • Websites/Brands


    • The Overall Image


      • Introduction
      • Image 1, 2, & 3 Breakdown
      • Combination of all 3 styles to create a singular look
      • Words for your singular style (example: playful, rebel, minimalist)


    • The Breakdown


      • Headshot
        • Accessories and jewelry
        • Best colors for complexion (men and women)
        • Hair and beauty (if we haven’t covered it already, advice only) (men and women)
      • Mid
        • shirts, blouses, dress tops (men)
        • Accessories (men and women)
        • Blazers, cardigans, etc. (men and women)


      • Full Body
        • Suits, (Men and Women), Dresses,
        • Coats
        • Shoes (men and women)
        • Pants, jeans


To purchase your profile it will cost $300.


  • $300 will be for all the information that will be contained in the portfolio. You will gain physical or online access to it after purchase.
  • The Power of the Profile: It doesn’t go out of style. It will continue to develop as you develop. Your style doesn’t change because it is who you are. It appears in all that you do. No matter the career choice it will show up for you. We cover image, style, and lifestyle. The information is a guide as you become self-sufficient.



The Butterfly:

Photo credit: butterfly species and breeds

Beauty:  the best feature or advantage of something.  Manifesting: (a ghost or a spirit) appear: come into sight; become visible or noticeable…

Beauty Manifesting: best feature coming into sight

You have reached the point where you have fully developed. You will not leave the same. It is up to you to go forward and apply what you have learned. We have brought the inner beauty, out. You must complete the job.

Become the best self & choose the path of the butterfly. Matasha, can’t wait to work with you.

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