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Dear Readers,
Let this message reach you in love. I am Matasha, the owner of Beauty Manifesting. I hope you have been enjoying the site and what it has to bring.
I have created a program for style consultation. It’s name is The Path of the Butterfly. When originally created it was just a vision to assist women that needed help in transitioning into the work field after going through some type of hardship. I understand where they come from & can identify with their struggle.
I didn’t know at the time that the events of my life would set in motion the opportunity to go forward with the idea and create Beauty Manifesting.
Tragedy struck in 2015 & 2016, on top of losing my parents 2 months and 12 days apart, I also experienced losing my first car due to wreckage, my job soon after, my second car and job opportunity soon after. I proceeded to become disconnected to those I was friends with and was in a very gray place in my life with no hope of seeing a way out. I had lost my eyes for faith because they were blurred by tears.
In March 2017, I will return back to the creation of the program and put my energy into not only changing my life, but others. Beauty Manifesting started as a blog idea but the message, “Beauty is an inside job, turned out,” wasn’t resonating under the current platform. The year before, I was told that I should go into public speaking and consulting. I had an idea that needed shaping. Eventually, the idea would manifest into Beauty Manifesting being an Consulting agency and we have a blog to inspire present & future wardrobe.
These ideas shaped the new direction of the site and my business, but I still had a battle ahead. I not only needed to create the program but I needed to go through it myself. I didn’t realize how much resistance I would have when it came to changing. I was so use to my path that the new path scared me. It would take over a month to complete the journey. I went forward w/ finishing the program and gaining a new insight about myself. It was never meant to just be the physical but the inner as well.
I eventually learned and was inspired to equate the process to the path of a butterfly, why because butterflies do not start as butterflies. Their journey begins as a caterpillar. Some caterpillars get the opportunity to transform within 2 weeks, others, it takes 5 years. When they do decide that they are ready, they prepare for change, go through it, and then struggle their way into manifesting as a beautiful butterfly.
The focus of using image, style and lifestyle in the program is to help assist with transformation and it gives a look at your overall being not just clothes or how you will look in them.
My desire is to reach many but still being able to have an intimate engagement with my client so I can continue to see the success of the program as many begin to manifest into a better version of themselves.
I am passionate about fashion. It is one of my gifts and consulting helps me combine my passion & gift, turn it into an opportunity to help others, and I get to manifest into whom I’ve always desired to be.
I am grateful to come to you today via letter. I hope that tomorrow we will meet through the program and gain a new relationship.