I have wrestled with that question for weeks, & now, at 1:28 in the morning w/ work by 7 am, I am here to provide an answer.

But, before I do, I need you to understand why the question came up in the 1st place, and if you dont remember, it is, “What do you do when your circumstances overshadow your character?” 

You know who you are beyond the circumstances, but we get so drowned in the chaos around us that we tend to believe that is who we are instead of an experience. Experience has a way of lingering, trying to formate our character as if we are our circumstances when in reality things change and they dont remain the same. If we arent careful we will have a tendency to adapt to circumstances instead of using our character’s capability to change it.

I know you may be wondering why I wrestled with the question. I know I have been a past recipient, co-dependent on my circumstances. It completely overshadowed my character and dismissed me as an individual & as a person.

I always knew I was capable of more. I knew that I had it in me to produce and bring great results to the world. My circumstances never matched how I saw myself. It was annoying because I couldnt see past my trials and tribulations. I wore it as a garment and cried when I looked in the mirror. 

Just recently I heard the answer to the question that many people wrestle with, and now, I will provide the answer:

“What do you when your circumstances outweighs your character??” 


The answer isnt simple in action, it will take risk outside our comfort zone, it will push us into an uncomfortable place, but in order to gain any new opportunity & blossom into the beautiful being that we are capable of being, We must understand: 

We have the capability to change the circumstance.

 If we give up our power by believing that things will never change, we stunt our character’s ability to grow & expand at greater heights. WE ARE NOT OUR CIRCUMSTANCES. 

We are our character. Our character has a continual performance level that can drown out trouble.

Our character says, “I can get through this.” 

“I have overcome heartache before.”

“I am capable of succeeding and being the best I can be.”

It doesnt matter what our circumstances are. If we are tapped into our inner beauty, power, capability, God-given selves, we are more than enough to overcome and build even stronger character and eventually teach others how to produce the same results. 

Our faith is the key that unlocks the door to changed circumstances and improved character. 

We cant always see past our circumstances. We need God’s eyes to fix our vision of ourselves and stand firm in whom He created us to be.

Remember, “Beauty is an inside job, turned out ” 

It is the inner work that will bring outer results 

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