Okay, so I told you guys that there will be a part 2, and here it is. 

Even though it is time to celebrate, especially after authorizing the release from stuggling, heartache and pain, I can’t quite, just yet. 

The old patterns need to be exposed and identified, in order to move on, or you wouldn’t know what you are doing wrong to stay within the pattern. 

Okay, this is what I see: In the past, I have struggled to succeed in life. I remained on this constant rollercoaster, like a wave, going up and down. 

Being in a position of deserving, what does that mean, it means, being okay to have nice things and not setting myself up for a downfall. Rather that means accepting things for what they are and not fixing it, or investing better, so the result will not be back to the drawing board or in my case, struggling. 


There are plenty of things that must be fixed that I can see but cant explain that shows a pattern of behavior that has been introducing a struggle for me. 

I cant say I want nice things out of life and invest poorly. This is where I need to tap into the help that I already have, (I am with a financial firm) instead of doing this on my own.

Which leads to part 2, Accept help. I have struggled because I have only lived from my viewpoint and haven’t taken time to say, Can I see things another way. It isn’t saying that I shouldn’t trust myself, but could I get an even better result if I invest more time and research, temporarily endure, so that tomorrow I will not have too. 

Part 3, change the word struggle to endure. 

Struggle: make forceful or violent efforts to get free of restraint or constriction. 

Endure:  If something endures, it continues to exist without any loss in quality or importance

Enduring is temporary because the moment is. The moment doesn’t last, and there is another definition that states that endurance has to be present that means it has purpose and isn’t tied to any past behaviors. 

Changing the words gives a different perspective that can mean a better result in the future. 

The visual difference:



When you are enduring, you are more than likely, not alone. There is someone willing to put in effort with you when they see that you are putting in effort. Again, endurance has purpose. Struggling does not. It serves no purpose and it has no ending. 

The mental breakthrough is the ability to see what you were doing and correct it. I see where I stayed within consistent old patterns resulting in reoccurring cycles, now, I have a choice: to go back because that is what I am use to or endure where I am until my new becomes my norm. 

I know the answer. I already gave myself permission too. 💕

I am deserving

(I had a breakthrough in this post. Can you identify it??)

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