This post could be titled: Keep walking because that is what it will reference back too, but restoration is the result of when you choose to keep walking.

Let’s look at the definition of restoration: 

The action of returning something to a former owner, place, or condition.

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Restoration touches on action, and in each case of restoring something to its rightful state, there has to be an action in place for it to occur. Meaning, that when we are distracted by our circumstances and aren’t moving forward to change it, we cannot be restored. It doesn’t mean that we cant take time to heal, but we must get back up again. 

How is the related to inner beauty? First and foremost, as our motto says, “Beauty is an inside job, turned out.” You can’t see fruition in your life without putting in the work.

I also could have named this post bridge because it is relatable to a moment in my life where I decided to keep walking and the result turned out in my favor, but it would limit us to believing that restoration only happens once, when it is a series of getting back up again after tragedies or situations happening in our lives that may have tried to take us out. 

I have always believed that fairytales are real live stories that have meaning and try to tell us something. The story of Cinderella, right at the brink of giving up, I mean she was done, humbleness had left the building, fate shows up as a fairy godmother & gives her an opportunity for restoration. In each film, from Brandy to the cartoon, to the recent redo, Cinderella had to take action before she was restored. She had to twirl around to be transformed. She had to take a leap of faith and go where she was forbidden to go. She had to follow instructions and become humble again in order to be restored. She simply wasn’t allowed to just have a fairytale and the end, but she had to put her “foot where her mouth is.” When she did, it all changed, and then, she lived happily ever after, not before, but after. 

Each time God has blessed me, it is because I have decided to get up again and face my fears. Yes, I was afraid and unsure, but it didn’t matter because God is in the business of restoring when we choose to act instead of giving in. 

There will never be a such thing as Beauty Manifested because we are always evolving and changing, even when we don’t want too, but thank You, God that we dont have to do it alone. 

Things will get back in order, life will manifest its goodness, but you have to keep going in order to be restored. The admittance of distractions is okay. I have been distracted many times, but thank God, He awakened my senses, stirred the pot a little, and brought me back where I belong. God bless. 


Beauty is an inside job, turned out!

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