Do you know that you can wear almost anything that you like, but not every material style will fit your body.

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I have repeatedly made this statement on numerous occassions: 

your body is your most important style guide. 

It tells you what fits and what doesn’t. If you have paid attention, then, you know that your body rejoices in certain fabric pieces over others. 

Example: For a very long time, I use to think that I couldn’t wear jumpsuits because of my body shape. I was so disappointed, and then, one day, I tried a different fabric and bam, I could wear jumpsuits, and from then, on, I have been wearing jumpsuits in that fabric style and others like it. 

There are tons of fabrics. The best thing to do is discover which one suits you. The majic behind it, is that you get to discover the stores that carry the fabrics for your body type. You win on both ends and you can find other stores, designers, & websites that carry your style. 

Once you are familiar with what works it saves you time on stressing about what style will suit you and what won’t. It also gives you time to go and shop for other items on your list. It is like getting your hair done. It may be painful at the beginning (or for others a wax) but eventually, you end up with the result you were seeking & all begins to work out. 

Take time to invest time into discovering the best garments for you. It may not be that you can’t wear the item, it just may mean, try a different fabric, and if it turns out to not be for you, guess what, you will be okay, there is something better for you. Just keep looking!

Reading for down time (below) 

Not my image

Not my image

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