Hello, my fellow readers. Time has been going & my life has been changing. 

I am currently at a new job and have entered into a new income bracket that I have never experienced before. It is hard work, but it is also creative & inspiring, especially when I am able to meet some of the creatives behind the products in the store. 

Between kids, work, social life, and continually building Beauty Manifesting, everything can become overwhelming, & I have seen myself change, drastically. You know the saying, “The places that I use to go, I go, no more.” That saying is essential to my growth and outlook on life. I am changing, yet, again, and I have to figure out how to have balance w/ my new life, instead of running away from it. 

The draw of the old I have allowed to pull me in its wasteless direction, and have suffered the consequences behind it. I am learning that my old way of living has no room in my new, and must be corrected fast. 

The experience was needed because it help me to understand what works & what doesn’t. I don’t take the lessons for granted, and now, can identify what needs to be done.

Nevertheless, the growth is real. My viewpoint, income, dressing, all reads change, and more is to come. These moments are scary because we aren’t always acceptive of change but nevertheless, we have to go w/ the flow. 


an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.

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