First, I will like to say, “HAPPY FREAKIN NEW YEARSSS!!” We made it yall; It is 2018! 

We are breathing in a absolutely new year that we have never seen before. A year has come and gone, and now, a new number has taken its place, and added new days, dates, and months. Wowwww, what a gift we have been given. 

I have my first post ready for this New Year, and I am speaking on inclusion. Inclusion has become so apparent in my life w/ connecting w/ new people from my work experiences. I matter & what I do matters because I am included. I am no longer the one in the corner that people forget about, nooo, they know my name. 

Photo credit: Ireland Health Services

I am learning that no matter what size rock you make a ripple w/, it matters. At work, even though I am new, I am not an outkast, when the team wins, I do. When the team needs improvement, I do too. It doesn’t matter if I did something right or wrong. I am included in the equation because I am apart of something bigger than me. 

Photo credit: Friends of Rosandile Library

The agency I am apart of w/ selling insurance became #10 in the business. Even though my contribution is small, I was included. It felt awkward because I didn’t see how I made a difference, but I do. I signed up under an umbrella of other leaders to go forward w/ the same mission. How I perform matters. 

I have said all that I have said to point out, it isn’t all about me anymore. I have tapped into my importance and contribution. I have seen that I am included and what I do matters because I am apart of something bigger than me.

It is the same sense here at Beauty Manifesting. My ability to keep going despite the adversary suggests that I am willing to see my business manifest even further, opening up the opportunity to connect w/ others and grow. So, my clients, that will come, will be able to recognize that BM wasn’t just created for me to heal but has the opportunity for them to heal as well, and prosper in their image, style, & lifestyle.

Our motto stays the same and will continue to perfect as a New Year is here, “Beauty is an inside job, turned out.” 

God bless your days ahead! Love you! 

You matter, We matter! 

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