I went to a women’s luncheon on a Monday night and we discusssed insecurities. I mentioned that there are many types and we all agreed. We went further into speaking about it to overcome the issue, but insecurities aren’t normally a conscious thing, nor an obvious pinpoint on our behalf.

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Sometimes, insecurities are deeply rooted and appears in our relationships, the way we communicate, our finances, friendships, the way we see ourselves, etc.

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You may have overcome one area of insecurities, but be suffering in another area and struggling to have the breakthrough needed to not be insecure.

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We have to start being okay w/ dealing w/ the fact that we have them and that they can be overcomed. Insecurities come because it is saying that is an area of life we need to grow in and develop confidence. Confidence comes w/ growth. We can only a develop a new sense of perspective by staying in the new situation long enough where it becomes a new norm.

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I will revisit the word insecurities in this post and find another voice to add to the conversation that can help us, who are dealing w/ them.

Insecurities: uncertainty or anxiety about oneself

When we feel uncertain, somewhere along the line we have lost trust, faith, in the fact that things can get better. We have disconnected from not only hope, but assurance. We have put life in our hands. My Source is God, but I don’t always go to my Source nor trust that my Source will bring me through. Past trauma has established this relationship and there is no doubt that Beauty Manifesting deals w/ therapeutical issues because of the inside job within our motto

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I knew that fashion had a way of healing, but I realized w/ the creation of BM that it is style not fashion, where you can find it. Style w/ the inner being, turned out. You cant have style w/o getting to know you first and developing it. W/O the inner work, there can be no strong outer.

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BM was created to deal w/ the 3 strongest elements of our lives: Image, Style, & Lifestyle.

When we lack confidence in those areas, it shows, and insecurities can rear its head, but it is just a warning that we must grow.

Here is an article that deals w/ 17 different insecurities. One, insecurity that it didn’t mention was financial.


Here is an article that briefly, deals with internal issues around financial insecurities:


Forbe deals w/ ways to cope w/ the changes of finances and offers apps to use to save & help w/ spending.


This article, you will have to take some time out because it poses questions & desires answers:


There are many different insecurities & how to deal is basically from our own point of view & needs.

The thing that all 3 articles had in common was, insecurities come from not knowing your worth & past trauma, maybe childhood related.

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The only way to deal is to deal. The desire to change has to be greater than the desire to remain the same.


I have to keep going, focusing on the positive result of gaining self-worth & growing from insecurities to confidence. The past is done. The present is now, & being at peace in season & out has to continue to be developed.

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There is no way to get around dealing w/ the inside job.


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