I dont even know where to begin. I feel like I can write an entire book on the past 3 weeks madness and success.

Just a few days ago, I wouldn’t have been able to even come to you guys because I was in the ER on Friday in excruciating pain from an infection in my mouth, plus high blood pressure, & fever 😞. It started on Thursday and proceeded to get worse.

Sunday, I am still recovering, on drugs, but getting better, not just better, but healing. I cried so much and I had some caring and loving family around me. I didn’t stay at home after I left the emergency room, I went to my brother’s house. Today is when I came home.

The monkey wrench was thrown right after I got a new job w/ higher pay. Now, I not only got my United Healthcare job back, but a 2nd job in the area of Visual Merchandising. I finally get to be challenged and pushed to another level creatively.

It was so many obstacles to overcome, but God spared no expense to pull me out. Each time a problem arose, God fixed it. I’ve been going through the storms w/ deadlines and safety nets, talk about not putting more on you than you can bear.

I can’t deny, when going through, it doesn’t always seem like peaches and roses. It has been a matter of, will I look at the good instead of the bad.

I’ve come out of it, but sleep is what I desire. I am tired and just when I think I can’t take anymore, more monkey wrenches. Is life trying to show me how strong I am?? I hope so because some good has to arise from the pain. It has been back to back.

Nevertheless, the program is working out and things are looking up for me. I haven’t had to stress my business to grow because I am becoming the full manifestation of why Beauty Manifesting exist.

Before, the program, I had no job, was struggling to even get BM off the ground, but my startup has its roots planted, & I have to be grateful that God gave me time to build BM and the program before my life took a turn.

Now, we have tweaked out the negatives: wrong job placements, over stressing the body for opportunities, financial growth, and now, we are heading into a different phase.

Great news, the job is down the road from my home, full time, benefits, morning hours, and one of the highest pays I have had in my life. With it being a creative position, I have definitely stepped into a new realm and now, get to express me out into the world. Oh, & I start Thursday @ 7:30am.

2017 isn’t over yet, and I never rule out blessings before the year is over with. I look until the clock strikes 12. I have something to look forward too for Dec. & Jan., and many more months to come.

I didn’t see all of this happening nor the way that it would, but count it all joy.

I am changing garments. I deserve it. I deserve to be happy, experiencing God’s best and rejoicing in success.

I can’t wait until I am able to give this opportunity to someone else. No stress, it is coming.

Beauty Manifesting will be a success story because I am. I AM Beauty Manifesting, my very first testimony to what God can do through obedience and sacrifice.

Now, I have new clothing to add to Image 1, and there is more to come.

Follow my journey, it is all over BM, some key posts you can read now is: “Style War Pt. 4, What if it doesn’t work out, Closet Organization,” utilized the search engine on my page so you won’t have to look them all up.

Our motto is my life:




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