It is that time of year where if your calendar isn’t full, it is probably because you can’t get there. From Dec. to Jan. it is as if Summer decided to visit us again because the parties are endless.

It is time to see what the weekend has to offer. Have somewhere to go and you are getting down because you don’t know what to wear đŸ˜”, don’t fret, bring what you have and let’s chat. Going shopping, let’s go together. Boutiques are small businesses. Shop style, then, shop store.


Day Parties are in full effect between 3 and 5pm till about 10pm to midnight.

Brunch is not just for Sundays. Grab your girlfriends.

Skip the bar and head to a restaurant that serves a glass of wine. 5pm shall do.

Hey, is family still down, a park date is what is best or stroll downtown and shop small.

Skip bar hopping & go pizza hopping w/ family or friends. Buy a slice of pizza here & there. Have fun!

After 7pm:

Ready for a Grand Opening, in Dallas there is one ready to attend tonight. Go to our style blog & IG for inspiration.

Nightlife is in full effect for Saturdays for nearly all genres, so explore.

Karaoke (lalalala)

Get on the list: discover the hottest nightclubs, RSVP now, & call to see how to get on the list, or just follow their IG & send them a DM!

Rooftop, I know it is cold, but if you go to the right rooftop, then, they will have outside heaters and it can get cozy up there, or you can attend a small party w/ a group of friends, or your friends and his.

Whatever you do, don’t let the stress and strain of not knowing what to wear get you down, let’s combine your image w/ lifestyle to help you find the best day or nightlife choice for you. It equals style.

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