I know closet organization can be overwhelming when you first begin & it seems that you have to purchase so many things to get organized.

But, the best way to begin is to begin.

So, I am going to simplify it for you, and give you an easy way to organize your closet.

You have 3 pieces in your closet that represents your individual style. Pull those pieces out, first!!


Lay them in 3 separate categories.

The 3 categories represent your 3 unique styles that makeup 1.

You are to pull pieces from your closet that represents that individual style the best. Place each piece in its proper category.


Category 1:

The items do not all have to stay within the color black, but all structured, contemporary, edgy, minimalism, feminine/masculine pieces will. If you do not know the name of the individual style, Google, “What category does a blazer fall under?” Or, look up blazer street style and pull inspiration from there. See what style they are pairing a blazer w/, find the images that match your unique style, pull pieces that flow from those choices.

Category 2

Pull pieces that are fun and exciting to you, like the dress. Organza is the material here, so stay w/i that style. Transparent, mesh items will appear here as well as denim, and other items that represent a good time. Colorful pieces can be added.

This look is very feminine, so find pieces that represents femininity. If you don’t know what style it is, look up the name of the garment. I already introduced street style, now, go and explore editorial images or commercial print w/i that style. (“Playful editorial fashion or bows editorial fashion, etc.)

We are almost done!! 💕💕

Category 3

This piece will fall under contemporary, but it is also very feminine (the color and the shape), sexy and you can grab pieces that represent that style, like wrap dresses, any piece that shows off your curves. Pull inspiration from the color palette as well.


Try to get as close as possible. Pull pieces that flow w/i that color pattern.



Grab an image that has that color & see what colors have been styled w/ it. Put those colors w/i that category (stay w/i style)

  • White
  • Metallic
  • Nude
  • Black

Now, that you have filled your 3 categories, it is time to organize.


The other pieces are items to be given away or to do at your disposal, but they are not to be put back into your closet. If it is nostalgia (Check out my post under closet organization that speaks on this) It is to be put away properly, away from items that represent who you are now. Nostalgia is memories and you will forever have those memories, but last year’s Christmas sweater doesnt fit here. Find it a new home.

Once, you have rid yourself and closet from items that no longer fit & cannot be placed w/i the category. It is time to put the items back into your closet that have been sectioned off.

Number 1 should always be a priority, where are you heading in life? Who are you becoming? What are your priorities right now?



It is my priority to become a better version of myself, to increase my finances & skills, to see Beauty Manifesting come into full fruition. (which is me)

2 is where you come to life at. It is the reward of 1. It is the opportunity to let yourself be.

Your connections are here. It is the reward of 1&2.

However, your closet is organized, #1 should always be how 2&3 flows. Number 1 says that you are number 1, and very capable of succeeding in what you have set out to do.

You are now finish w/ category 3, you can accessorize accordingly. This is a very simple version, but detailed and worth it. Your closet is a reflection of what is going on within yourself. Closet organization is putting those thoughts in order to achieve results.

Here is an image of my #1

Here are some pieces from it:



Depending on my scheduled day, is what category that I will pull from.

I went through my program back in June. I have yet to go outside of what I am teaching. It is an ease. The blessing is that #1 continues to grow. My skills continue to enhance.

(Your work out clothing and leisure items aren’t normally hanged, but it depends on your priorities and style. I can’t see what you pulled, but these items are not to be disposed or given away, just set aside or stored properly.)

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