It is no secret that fashion RULES are dead! It isn’t even popular to pair your bag and shoe. And, this top goes w/ this bag and this bag goes with this jean, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!

Not my image

But, why?? Why is fashion deciding to go away from the rules and step into the realm of being a rule breaker?? What is so popular about owning your look & styling the way you see fit? What happen to the luxury of cookie-cutter fashion??

Let’s explore 2 words: Rule & Breaker

Rule: one of a set of explicit or understood regulations or principles governing conduct within a particular activity or sphere.

Breaker: (definition shortened) a person who interrupts the conversation of others.

These definitions breaks down the ideology of what fashion is trying to get away from, but the popularity of it is a trend, and the reason why 👇


Personal style is a growing trend. Owning one’s own mind, body, & spirit is important now in all aspects. It is making noise & fashion hears it loud & clear.

No one can deny that people have allowed their clothing to rule them, instead of them ruling their clothes. People have went as far as diets & surgery to look “good,” in their dream dress, all while fashion has switched up & moved on to something new. The famous popular tv ques. “Does my butt look too big in this?” Plus size, Curvy women desiring to wear no clothes at all to showcase their excitement about their bodies. Lane Bryant’s new ad targeting Victoria Secret w/ their campaign of women not being angels. Lord!!!

Yeah, I just got frustrated. Fashion has never been in the order of pleasing the customer. They have an agenda & you have a wallet.

The only way to invest in fashion is to convert it to style, personal style. We should be the only owners & rulers of our body. Style gives you that freedom to do so. It energizes your self-esteem and helps you realize you didn’t need rules anyway.


Now, hold up, even though you shouldn’t be following fashion rules, your body does have rules, as well as your lifestyle. Your body tells you if a top is flattering or not. You’ve seen yourself in your best color that brought your eyes out & skin pop.

Once, you learn you, go back to fashion & rule it. You are important. Your style is the image you desire to give back into the world. It is vital that you show up as the best you possible w/i the realm of now. Fashion will forever produce. It has too. The billion dollar industry will think of ways to wow, but your investment will only go towards the styles that you wish to see as the best representation of you.

Remember, no matter what, 👇

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