I created my program & then, I was bless to go through it. I picked out 3 images. I labeled them Image 1, 2 & 3. 

Based off the selection, I could tell what I had been giving my energy too & where I lacked.

Image 3 (Which is now Image 1) is where. Let me reiterate what my portfolio said about this section & my vocal about what I saw in me in my choosing of the image. 

Image 3 which is now Image 1

Image 1, Style & Image Choices

I said that this image showed forth my confidence & I seemed so sure of myself.

I have received great praise over that Image & probably is the only look where I can see myself.

I remember not wanting to wear that bold lipstain. I didn’t want to draw attention.

My ideas of me were wrapped up in other’s ideas & thoughts. I know who I AM, but it has always been a fight to just be myself. 

Even though the war is at its final rounds, I cant help but to witness the residue lingering through me & I have found its master: finances. I am a go-getter. I do not stop. I remain optimistic and I keep going, but everyone has their breaking point. Mine, is dealing w/ life when it gets overwhelmingly hard. I don’t mean something going wrong. No, I mean labor pains breaking pt. Finances has been my enemy and friend. I have a strong ability to create not work. I have a true disconnect to working because it limits my creativity. I fade into the background, unrecognizable & I lean on the opinions of others because I don’t know what I am doing. The lean leads me into a dark place, and that is where the fight is. 

I can say that I am in one now. Thank God I am not showing up to the fight w/ other’s garments on, as I were before. Thanks to my program, I do have a sense of self, but I am definitely not done manifesting. 

I need to completely cross over into acceptance that I am not fighting to be me. I AM me. I AM Beauty Manifesting and I deserve to prosper and progress right where I am. I am producing a productive business and manifesting a successful lifestyle. 

I need to get back to creativity & vision. I cannot be fueled by what has already manifested but what is to come in my wonderful world of Imagination. It is where I blossom. Where I lay my burdens down and what I need and desire comes unto me. 

It may have started in a dark place, but I will shine my light and the Greater version of me will shine through. 

I AM Beauty Manifesting! Greater is He that is in me, then, he that is in the world.

I can do this!

Image 1 Fall Style Update from portfolio

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