It has been a while since I have come to you guys via video, but it is time.

As you know, I went through my own program and a lot has changed including my wardrobe. If you have been following along w/ me via my closet organization, then, you know that Image 1 became my priority seeing that my life has been going in that direction. It is where I see myself confident, a boss, and a woman. It is also where I lacked the most.

The pieces in my wardrobe wasn’t even enough to put some looks together to get a decent job, and with Beauty Manifesting being so new, I am definitely having to do outside work, while still trying to maintain the willpower to build.

But, it has all changed. I will show you a before & after picture after this post, so you can see what has happened, but right now, check the video. I will be back.


👆Calvin Klein dress (pink) A new edition to my wardrobe👆


All images are related to Image 1, that use to be associated w/ Image 3

From Portfolio
Image from The Breakdown. The moment I was stripped to be repaired. I used this photo for color analysis, to pair new styles to my body type, hairstyles, & more
After going through the program
Upgraded image taken today
From Image 1 portfolio, tees (Before)


Right look manifested


More styles manifested from my portfolio.


A styled look w/ the red blazer. A top that moved from Image 2 to Image 1 paired w/ mom jeans, denim trousers

Day Style


Complete look
Day & Night colors paired

These are all the looks from Image 1 that will be shown on today. We took a look at The Breakdown & 1/3 of my portfolio. I invested almost a $100 into this new wardrobe. I can’t wait to show you guys part 2 of it. We will spend time w/ Image 1 all week because I have so much to tell you.

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