My desired gift to unwrap this morning is productivity.


Gratitude moment:

Thank You God for safe mornings & that I don’t have to awake to bad news.

Thank You for our home & peace of mind.

Thank You for a safe place of creativity, that I have ownership of, where I can express myself freely.

Thank You for my babies, our life, health, & strength.


Productivity is what I desire to pull out of the box. 

I have been feeling a bit busy lately & feel that I have completely lacked in productivity. The saying of, “Getting nowhere fast.”

I didn’t sign up to life to have a sense of busyness. I know that having a lot of things to do isn’t healthy and sure isn’t carrying a vision through.

Busyness is relatable to work. It is doing a lot but only reaping very little. It doesn’t manifest your true worth.

Dr. Christina Hibbert

I don’t need to impress anyone, and for some odd reason, that is exactly how I feel in the process.

What do I gain by showing someone, “Hey, look at what is all on my plate,” yet accomplish nothing.

So, today, it is time to go beyond the clutter of thoughts, and be at peace.

Inside STL

I rather be productive and watch my actions grow into something worth being proud of.


I’ve never really asked for the gift of productivity, so my actions will be new to me, but maybe, it will change the course of my life & I will feel a sense of balance and ease.

Productivity is relatable to style because it gets you out of the outer impression & translates it to inner.

We don’t want to just show up desiring to impress others that we are okay. We want to look in the mirror & know that we are.






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