Good morning! I hope your day is vibrant. There is a new gift to unwrap. If you have been following along, then, you know we went inside of the box to pull out what we desire. We discovered a garment of praise & an opportunity to celebrate life.

We pulled out love, joy, peace, happiness, prosperity, wealth, & health.

We thank God for the people & things we do have in our lives.

We proceeded to see how our perspective can hinder us from having the best style possible. We normally don’t desire to show up in life as our best when things are going wrong, or, when we are having a challenging time, but we have to learn to keep pressing so we will not be depressed.

There is a new gift to unwrap

Before we unwrap this gift, let’s show some gratitude:

Thank You God in me for connection, divine health, & the ability to see things in a new way.

Thank You for family & friends. Thank you that we get to have time with them and hear their voice one more time. We don’t take any of Your joy, freely given, for granted.

Thank You for opportunity & a place of solitude, to go & express myself the way that I desire.

Thank You for my children, life, health & forgiveness.

The gift that I intended to unwrap this morning was family & laughter. I wanted to envision being out to eat w/ them, laughing and having a great time. When you are excited & happy, it sends waves into your style because that is the very way you desire to show up.

Immediately when I looked at the images of family laughing, eating w/ one another, gathering, I immediately wanted to break down & be sad. The reality of it is, my family is distant & disconnected at the moment. We speak & communicate w/ each other, but we dance around the fact that we really need to heal & develop true love & experiences w/ one another.

It is difficult when you are trying to get dreams & ideas off the ground & life is throwing all kind of chaos your way. I truly try to find the rainbow in each day & focus on being happy instead of my issues.

But, we do need to heal, & that is okay. We need to acknowledge that we are hurting, and I definitely don’t desire to fill an empty void w/ things. I know that things want make the pain go away. It will temporarily ease it, but it will still be there.

I choose today to unwrap the gift of healing that I may truly be at peace w/ accepting love, wealth, health, joy, prosperity into my life that my days will be filled w/ laughter, friends & family.

Photo credit: Aligning w/ truth

The best style for healing is dresses & lose clothing. You want to be comfortable & at ease. I believe organza is such a playful fabric & it’s style is so chic. Just because you are healing, doesn’t mean you have to show up in clothing that represents victimhood. You can be just as vibrant but relaxed & natural in your approach. A dress is a no fuss approach & versatile for rather the talk is in a therapy section, over a great meal, or out at a park.

Meanwhile, I can completely appreciate my family that I do have to connect w/ & be happy.


These 2 midgets, lol. Mommy noony & sink sink. I can experience all of life beautiful moments w/ them. Enjoy you guys Saturday.



Ps. I think I will still unwrap that gift after all. 

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