So, if you did the experiment w/ me yesterday, then, you can follow along w/ what I am about to post. 

Here is the box again, but this time, it doesn’t represent the fashion industry. It represents life & you must be willing to take out the gift that has been placed in with the trails that can present itself, and the bad news surrounding the world, chaos at your job or field, and someone else’s troubles. 

When you go inside, it is the opportunity to pull out your beautiful day & trust its manifestation, I noticed this on yesterday and here is what I did: 

“I pull out joy, happiness, peace, love, friendship, connections, prosperity & wealth. 

I bless You & thank You, God in me for connection & giving me the ability to communicate with the people I come in contact w/ everyday. 

Thank You for blessing me w/ the gift of sight & hearing a phone conversation. 

Thank You for my gift that is my children.

Thank You for the gift of life & all its many wonderful blessings.”

Your style is more focused on what you are grateful for & your perspective on life than it will ever be about money, clothes, etc. You can’t pull personal style from materialistic things. Materialistic things are a manifestation of your ability to see yourself inside, out. You know people that, literally, wear their emotions as garments, they don’t want to put on their very best because the last time they did that, they had to be happy & they are afraid to be happy because of something happening the last time they were, so it is easier to just shut down & hide behind the garments of despair, but it is not. 

It is not okay to fall into the stages of depression. My mentor use to say, “You have to press so you won’t be depressed.” I know when I have falling short because I tend to fade & my troubles tend to take control. 

Trouble doesn’t care what garment you wear. It tries to strip you of your inner style.

But, nevertheless, joy persists to rise from troubled places, and you & I can put on a garment of praise each day because we have been given the gift of life & the opportunity to do something amazing w/ it. 

Photo credit: Art by Bryn

What gifts will you pull out today? Whatever it is, remember this with it: 👇

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