Welcome, I am glad that you have opened this post. I have something for you to do.

Look down below, you will see a box. Imagine that this box is the fashion industry. I mean, literally, everything that has to do w/ fashion, from clothing, stores, trends, magazines, Instagram, etc. Can you see it? I know it is a lot to look at, manage, right? You may be getting a bit frustrated, but Don’t.


Okay, when you look into the box, I want you to pull just you out. Your style, your ideas, pieces you like, details that catch your eye, garments that flatter you, inspiration to post on your wall for your next wardrobe.


 The box of style is a gift to you.

Can you see the difference between the boxes? One is just for packaging, the other is a gift, & within that gift is you. Your style is within you. You have to get it out of that box! You can’t put yourself in. You can’t put your thoughts in, they will get cluttered. Stay on the side of style. The only thing a gift has to offer is joy, peace, love, & happiness. Style is worth it!

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