Write this down, store it in your wallet: “Go after what you want, pay for what you can afford.” 

If you can get that simple message, then you are ready to create a shopping guide & pull inspiration from the best.

If you reach for great, you more than likely will land somewhere in between. 

Example: You’re getting married & you have your dream dress in mind. Keep it! Do not compromise on what you want because normally you will get a similar look if your pocketbook can’t afford what you desire. 

You are wasting money if you are buying what you can afford than being inspired by what you want.

What will you gain by being unhappy.

I have heard the saying many times, “Don’t show it to me because you know I can’t afford it.”

Style Tip: Mimic the style of your favorite brand, from the makeup to the hair. They have put tons of money into what they have created so you can be inspired.

But, just because you can’t afford it now, doesn’t mean you won’t have an opportunity to later, or at least you can dress w/i its style. 

Tips for shopping

  • Find what you love first through images
  • Don’t worry about the price (It is just inspiration)
  • Shop w/i that category ONLY! 
  • Land (keyword) where you can afford
  • Purchase item w/i similar style. 

It is important to remember to create a shopping guide with all the inspo. needed for the shopping trip to produce the best quality of item. 

(This isn’t shopping outside of means. It is styling outside of it. There is a difference. Your mind is in the $1000 dress while your pocket book is in the $100, but the confidence you will have in showing up in at least the style of what you want until you get there, is worth it. )

Happy Shopping & Remember, 👇

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