Style War: Part 4


Why do I call myself a style consultant?


We have broken down the definition of style & consultant.


If we combine the two, we understand that consulting is an expert opinion, this opinion should lead to the development of an individual. This development is a plan that has been drafted by a Creator whose creations have been well thought out and formed. It is developed from imagination.


Style can only become an outside formation through image, an image consultant helps get you to that physical form.


It is the reason why I use the principals of image consulting & also, its services. They use the fashion industry to help with the development of the individual’s wardrobe and garments.


They go beyond, and do closet organization, wardrobe development, color analysis, etc. to teach the individual all about who they are.


Here is where my problem lies.


I could have hired an image consultant to assist with developing me, but I didn’t know who I was. I didn’t know what I contributed. I didn’t know why I mattered.


So, I would have invested as a consumer, my clothing may have been a good contribution, but I would have never been able to be a proper producer because I did not know me.


So, what happened?


Beauty Manifesting


Let’s take a look, shall we?


Beauty: the quality in a person or thing that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind, senses, that arises from sensory manifestations or exalts the mind or spirit. 


  1. Quality: a distinctive attribute, trait


  1. Pleasure: satisfaction, enjoyment

Dancing Party Enjoyment Happiness Celebration Outdoor Beach Conc

  1. Deep: extending below the surface


  1. Mind: the element, part, substance, or process that reasons, thinks, feel, wills, perceives, judges


  1. Senses: stimuli originating from the inside of the body


Manifestations: the state of being manifested


  1. Exalt: to raise in rank, honor, power, character quality
Photo credit: Dream catcher reality
  1. Spirit: non-material beings, the principle of conscious life. 
Photo credit: Medium

I had to awaken to my existence. The Creator has a plan for me. It already has an original design that will develop me into the individual that I need to become. It has been thought-out & the imagination is there. Style helps me to see that truth. Styles help to see who I am. Beauty is the awakening within. It is when all of my senses intensify, my mind and spirit becomes one & I am exalted.


My value comes into place. I am changed into the person I was intended to be. I become me. 


My individualism contributes back to society and produces a duplication of me.


An original can only be a producer because no one wants to copy from a fake.


This lifestyle that I am now connected too, produces for me, and desires to see me in nice things. I only meet originals here. That who is on the path of leaving a legacy that has their carbon footprint upon it, in which allows them to forever lives on & sews into the fabrication of life.


So, what now,


Manifesting: evidence of, prove, appearance, demonstrate 

Photo credit: The Secret of Manifestation Miracle
  • Also, to make clear


  1. Evidence: the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid.


From an image from my program
  1. Appearance: an act of becoming visible


  1. Demonstrate: clearly show the existence or truth
  1. Clear: uncomplicated


Who I am and my awareness of that truth, now needs to make an appearance & become clear, that from this day forward, I am renewed, born again, changed, exalted, freed, connected, elevated.


I am One.


I left a word out & before I leave, I want you to understand the definition behind it.


Producer: are in the first tropic level in a food chain. 


It serves as a food source for consumers or for higher tropic levels.


In definition, a producer is the creator that gives back to the contributor and consumer.


Each stage has to operate as one. The producer receives the pleasure of contributing w/o remaining as a contributor, and enjoys the lifestyle of a consumer without being consumed.


Beauty Manifesting isn’t out to change society. It is powerful, and it’s system is very detailed, but what I am desiring to do within the program is to pull people out of the rat race, and teach people the quality of being a producer that gets to enjoy all 3 levels of what life has to offer through image, style, & lifestyle. 


If we can help people become who they were originally designed to be, we can produce a society of functioning producers that are healthy enough to leave legacies & their carbon copy upon the earth, instead of out of control consumers, or I have my slice of the pie for my family and everyone else needs to figure it out. 

 (further images will be added)


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