Style War:


Before I go into the word style, and teach you, “Why Style is so important,” I want you to understand the word, consulting, and why this word needs to be in the middle of fashion and style.


consulting 2
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There is fashion


A bridge


Then, there is style.

consulting 3
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Anytime, you are in a position of crossing over from one place to the next, you need a bridge. You need some kind of connection that helps you develop into being who you desire to be.


If you have ever seen the Wiz, then, you know in that movie that when the wicked witch died, they celebrated, but then, transformed. They had to take off what use to be and put on a new identity, but the new identity is an original, so you never really change, you just go back to your original form.

consulting 4
not my image


Let’s look at this word:


Consulting: providing professional or expert advice (outside expert opinion)

Business woman


  • Expert: a person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area.


  • Comprehensive: complete; relating to understanding


  • Authoritative: able to be trusted as being accurate or true; reliable


Let’s look at Image:


A representation of the external form 


Representation: the action of speaking or acting on behalf of someone or the state of being so represented.


  • External: forming the outer surface or structure


Wow, I am getting goosebumps already. Why?


An image represents who you are on the outside.


  1. Image Consulting: hired to assist someone in personal appearance or style.


An image consultant is an expert that is engaged to your external form to bring about the best representation of you. 

consulting 6
rethink retired

The reason why image consultants prefer the term wardrobe, garments instead of clothing or fashion is become it leads your mind to personalization.


  • Look at wardrobe:
consulting 7
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A person’s entire collection of garments

  • Garment: an item of clothing: dresses, suits, etc.
consulting 8
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These definitions get more specific and teach you to learn to connect with what you own, but you can’t connect with it, if you do not know who you are.


The great thing, here, is that you can at least breathe. You are not on the wheel anymore.


You are seeking help, advice to build a wardrobe that is personalized.


This collection can be passed on to generations. It can even become an investment, if it is invested the correct way.

consulting 9
photo credit: business funding show

This can lead to financial gain in the long run, and can help you to graduate from being a consumer to a contributor.

consulting 10
yelim yoo

Contributor: a person who contributes money, assistance, etc.


There are people who die at this stage of life, grandmas & papas, who were comfortable enough with their legacy and contributions to society. They gave what they could give baby. They taught you how to seek expert advice and become a giver. These people aren’t bad people. In our world, they are good. They are the lessons we need to learn, but we must NOT stop at being a good contributor. There is another level. Style will lead us there.

consulting 11
not my image

Now, you get to learn about my existence in business.


The war ends if you keep going.  

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