Style War Pt. 1

The Difference between Fashion & Style

There has been an inner war happening since the beginning of garments. This war has spilled over into the outside and people are confused about what fashion is vs. style.

I can understand this war because we were first taught about fashion.
Let’s dissect this word real quick.


fashion 1
the odyssey online

• Fashion: a popular trend (especially in styles of dress)

o Trend: a general direction in which something is developing or changing.

o Direction: a course along which someone or something moves.

When we dissect the word, we realize that fashion is what is popular w/I a move of change.

It is why we have the fashion industry that adapts or adopts from fashion history. It is suppose to be a constant movement that continues to change over the course of time, and yes, you are meant to change. You should always been in a position of development and moving into the direction you see yourself going.

fashion 2
climate vulture

But, the fashion industry has that down pack. Quarterly and within the year they are working non-stop to put out the next wave of fashion, change, development. Their inspiration never ceases and when you are part of that, you learn to float with it, but what happens when you do not know yourself & how to contribute to that part of life.

You will become just a consumer, and depending on your income, a good one.

fashion 4

1. Consumer: one that consumes: such as; one that utilizes economic goods.

a. Consumes: to spend wastefully

b. Economic: relating to, or based on the production, distribution, and consumption of good & services

fashion 5
not my image

And, there is an entire industry for that kind of sell, even though the industry itself is made up of that. It is called fast fashion

Fast fashion: an approach to the design, creation, and marketing of clothing fashions that emphasizes making fashion trends quickly & cheaply available to consumers.

fashion 6
not my image

We live in what the older generation would call, “A microwave society.”

We want everything now. We desire everything now. We want to spend our money as soon as we get it because we don’t know how to get out of the rat race of being a consumer. It is set up that way. You are bombarded with ads and sales. We compete with each other to have the latest item. We have payment plans for things, and have no clue where to put it all, or where we will go in them.

fashion 7
not my image

We pride ourselves off of being good consumers. We create atmospheres of bullying when we think we have more than the other person has. And, this rat race never ends because it keeps changing and developing.

fashion 8
not my image

Welcome to fashion. Your ticket here has been bought by your ability to continue to be a great spender on things that will waste over time. And, while your items waste, new ones will be created because the wheel has to keep spinning.

fashion 9
not my image

And, when you haven’t graduated into style, then, you stay on that wheel until you die. You pass on, but your children will take your place, and join the race. The End, right???


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