What does Beauty Manifesting clients look like?

It isn’t my first rodeo dealing with individuals who need assistance in their day to day life. We are all different and the challenges we face are not all the same. Without revealing anyone’s identity, I want you to check out some stories of individuals that I have personally helped or had the potential too. Get to know their experience because maybe, it could be you next.

“A single woman, older in age, her dream was to own her own business as a interior designer. She didn’t have the vision needed to get her business flowing in the direction she desired. She tended to keep her creativity to herself, until she saw a new opportunity to branch out.”

“A inspiring writer, male, determined to sit in Steve Harvey’s chair, not as a fan, but as an author. He had a story to tell. Also, a loving father with two daughters and a wife who had the same ambition to explore her dreams. His idea was to tap into his style and see himself in a new way.”

“A young man, dealing with a breakup from his long time partner. He blamed himself for the tragedy he endured & struggled with his faith. His idea was to get back up again, turn his faith into power, and give, this thing call life, one more shot. He wanted a new wardrobe that didn’t represent the past.”

“A former New York, California actress that desperately needed a white suit. She wanted one that fit her style and covered the parts of her that she didn’t agree with. It was a late night process that went into the morning, but satisfaction would blossom out of 2 choices.”

“A young man, father, and a dreamer. An overcomer of two tragedies that had him questioning life as is, but decided to continue to keep going despite the circumstances that he endured. His curiosity sparked as he saw me creating the idea around the program.”

“An inspiring underground rapper in need of a view that represented his core and value of hip hop. His decision to hire a stylist connected him with me, and visions upon visions manifested until he saw himself in one.”

“A woman, that lost her way, endured multiple tragedies, and decided that she didn’t want to operate behind the noise of her past, what others thought of her, nor her circumstances, and created a program to not only assist her life but others. That woman is me.”

I am Beauty Manifesting & you are too, rather you are male or female. It doesn’t matter about your background, how you viewed (keyword: viewed) yourself, but how you are choosing to see yourself now, and in the future. You matter. You are important. The individual inside of you needs to blossom as well as your wardrobe.



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