Don’t fight trends and stress yourself behind what is popular & what is not. The industry does it for you and shift’s the atmosphere for what will be the it clothes to wear. Trends are unavoidable, even when you try to avoid it, avoiding it, is a trend. 

So, how can you breathe when you feel bombarded w/ the ever changing fashion industry?? 

  1. Breathe, you are okay
  2. Don’t avoid it, but embrace it. 
  3. Use it to your advantage
  4. Pick out what is best for you
  5. Enjoy it!

You can’t avoid it, so embrace it. Embrace the trend that you love & apply it. Don’t concern yourself w/ what you do not enjoy. Use it to your advantage. They have circulated tons of money into the economy to bring you into the stores & online, but you don’t have to be consumed w/ everything, just choose you. Ahhh (An Aha moment)

Each & Everyday you should choose you, in each & every way, not just w/ your outer style choice, but inner because Remember, 👇

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