The dirty sneaker trend is trending and I cannot fathom why.

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand

I am pretty sure it coorelates back to streetwear and this new rebellious hip hop culture. It is a new wave of young influencers out that just don’t give a f*** about how things use to be nor how they operate. 

I can’t decide if this is liberating or down right defensive because the shoe pictured above is $500+. Now, just imagine what this shoe represents and understand why Im so angry. 

The shoe represents a child who doesn’t have much. You can say the origins of hip hop. The very reason why hip hop was created because inner city kids couldn’t relate to disco music. Times were hard and these kids dealt with poverty. These neglected children still exist. There are still kids being picked on because they don’t have the latest shoes. They just had a What are those, challenge a year or 2 ago, where kids became encouraged to talk down on people for their shoes being messed up or not popular, and now, this same generation is making dirty shoes a thing. Are we serious right now??? 

The dirty shoe trend should have never became popular. It is completely offensive and completely neglects the issues that people face that really do have to wear dirty shoes. 

And, I get it, kids playing in the mud, enjoying their childhood is a popular thing, but what happens when that is that only pair of shoes for that child, the parent gets upset, not because they don’t enjoy their child’s joy but because they know the harsh reality he or she will have to face when they are picked on because mommy or daddy can’t make it to washateria or doesn’t have any products to wash their shoes. 

What I am suggesting may seem like a stretch until you are asking people to pay over $500 for redicule and humility. 

Vetements started this trend w/ the dad sneaker and all the popular kids are wearing it. I am so annoyed, but nevertheless, your opinion matters, so drop your opinion & point of view in the comment section. 👇



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