Now, like never before, you need to be applying the tricks of the trade that has been displayed here to purchase your favorite fall fashion trends. 

If you dont know what is trending: Please check out the FF17 portfolio, and other posts related to Fall Fashion. I have tried to prepare us & now, the season is here. Happy first day of Fall! (If you live somewhere & the season isn’t fall, please let me know and I will personalize your season look via a collage.) 

Okay, now, that is all out of the way, if you have been paying attention to the trends: double breast blazer, high waist trousers, mini skirts, slip dresses, turtlenecks, etc. the designers & the industry has borrowed from time before & that means, thrift & consignment shops will be your new venture place for purchase. 

I know, you are like, what???? Yes, if you are into thrift shopping this is your season. It makes no sense to shop store first with these trends. They are borrowing from our moms’ 80s closet. Shoulder pad dresses and double breast blazers are so hot right now. The long length dresses w/ belt bags. High waist mini skirts, velvet. All those looks are from the past, but dont take my word for it. Shop smart.

  • Go shopping (window) for your favorite trend in your favorite store first. 
  • Browse the August & September magazines for FF17 & A/W 17,18 style. 
  • See what is being offered for Fall ’17, here, Twitter (beautymanifest5), or Polyvore (beautymanifesting) There is an entire collection created for male & female, or go beyond & check Vogue, Elle, Instyle, Allure, etc. 
  1. Once, you have picked out all the trends that you desire to purchase for your new fall wardrobe, compare & contrast the idea given (in this post) and see where to purchase w/i your wardrobe budget set aside for this time. 
  2. Create a mini portfolio via collage. 
  3. Go shopping! 
  4. Smart shopping helps you to receive what it is you desire w/o headache. 

If you don’t plan on shopping for a new fall wardrobe, it is okay, just style your looks for fall and do wardrobe development. Take a picture of the items you have for fall, see what is missing or what can be combined. Once, you have your images together, create different combinations using what you already have & future purchase images. I will give an example below! šŸ‘‡

Images pictured are mutiple ways to wear one look

Images shown is how to wear pieces from your wardrobe 

Exact Example!

You can purchase items that specifically go w/ that item or build a wardrobe based off multiple pieces and incorporate the new items back into the already purchased. (No worries if you don’t get it. I am currently doing closet inventory and now, wardrobe development because of new items purchased. I will be posting my journey real soon)

Your only real expense will be in the accessory department: shoes, jewelry, bags, etc. 

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