If you were able to be informed in the madness of the fashion industry and all connected to it from, What’s poppin’ on Twitter,” then, you will appreciate the update. 

So, what’s happening. Queen Rihanna is reigning and she has kept her navy gang busy. 

  • She released Fenty Beauty and its popularity is growing and being criticized. With over 40 shades, yes, people still have something to complain about, except this one albino young woman that spoke about having the perfect shade for her skin now, when before she looked orange. (Checkmate haters)
  • She had her Diamond Ball where Kendrick Lamar performed but the image that floated all over was of her and Beyonce. Yes, Beyonce & Jay Z was in attendance and we all got what we so desparately been desiring: an image of the reigning queens together. 😍 (aweee)
  • She is reigning in fashion and all eyes are on her right now. Who knew she could wear soo many hats (🙋) 
  • Cardi B attended in a Cinderella inspired ball gown. 

Beyonce released some images from her dinner date. (Check social media) 

Burberry recently went live on Twitter for their LFW show. They had transparent pieces and their norm print that they have become associated with. Sources says they are great appealing to the younger generation that may not be associated with their brand. It was obvious because they have one of Asia’s popular artists as their ambassador. They were the real buzz in the comment sections. They had everyone retweet or like to get an online pass to the show and a reminder 🙌.

Twitter is giving us more opportunities to be at Fashion Week from its social media site with Tommy Hilfiger show coming up next and yes, they are sending out reminders as well. (Tommy & Gigi had their show and theme was: Tommy Rock Circus)

The Emmys are tonight and the buzz is all over my social media (the Emmys has past & the best dress list is out, but I doubt if everyone thinks the same) People gave Twitter fans a live viewing on the red carpet (the only part that matters).

There were some attendees who just simply didn’t wow (at all). The kids from Stranger Things were the most fashionable. Viola Davis shined. Christian Siriano dressed Leslie Jones. Donald Glover channeled Prince. Tracee Ellis Ross was in Chanel. Cicely Tyson reigned supreme and is definitely here to teach us all how to age 💁

MBfashionweekmadrid is going live for shows as well. 

I presented Mon. Through Sunday looks. All had a different theme associated with it. (View previous posts or check below)

I also have a new obsession: Sock booties. They form around your feet, ankle, & are so stylish. I posted some inspiration on Twitter:


Lady Gaga is postponing her tour due to chronic pain until 2018. 

London Fashion Week is buzzing & that is where all the talk is. (What will the Editors wear, oooo) (It is over. They moved on to Milan)

Nina Garcia is the new Editor in Chief of Elle magazine. 

(New update is coming, Rihanna is still ruling the fashion kingdom, Gucci took us back in time to the 80s w/ the show in Milan, yes, it is Milan fashion week.) 

Tune in soon because what I just posted & more is coming. You don’t want to miss it!! 

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