Td Jakes mentioned that he will speak on something even if he hasn’t learned it yet because it helps his audience & he isn’t going to rob us of learning. I will put that same method into play as I present this post to you guys.

I am dealing with some inner truths that is definitely affecting my overall style. I have insecurities. I decided to google the definition & it led to a word called uncertainty. Uncertainty led to doubt. I had to pin point the part of the definition of insecurities to get to the root of my post. I have doubt, which means, my belief system is in trouble.

How did I get here? My past still haunts me & what occurred before is choking my now. It is the reason for my insecurities and why I am challenged to believe again, but in what, myself.

I am being challenged to take another step and try again. I am up rooting my pain that I once knew & planting new seeds as I continue to move forward & not allow it to further damage what I am desiring to accomplish. Fear cannot win, and I know my mind is trying to protect me, but my cousin, on yesterday said, “Remember your why.” She wanted me to remember my reason for pushing in the first place. I am proud to say I am succeeding and the more I keep going the more seeds of courage I can plant.

Let’s break this down & apply it to style.

Uproot: doubt, old belief, uncertainty, past hurts, pain that has led to my insecurities.


Plant: Move forward in faith and plant seeds of courage, success, and desires.

planting-seeds jpg
Photo Credit: Mother

I simply got to the root of my insecurities and is now, planting a harvest to reap w/ new seeds in my soil (soul).

This post relates back to our motto: πŸ‘‡


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