The cleansing process isn’t just within my wardrobe but it is also upon my feet. In March 2017, I hurt my ankle to the point where I couldn’t walk. My ankle had to heal & here it is September 2017 and the pain is finally being lifted from me, but during that process, I could not wear normal shoes because my feet were out of shape, and it caused me pain to cover my feet. I was exposed and ashamed. I not only dealt with that physical manifestation, but I also had to deal with worn out shoes. 

There is a part of the Cinderella story that the shoe the prince had was broken by the evil step mother because she felt that Cinderella was unworthy, not knowing that there was another shoe stored away, that her trickery could not destroy. Yes, the prince knew who Cinderella was before the shoe touched her feet but the shoe was symbolic to her restoration and ability to wear a crown. 

I don’t know if you have been listening to me nor witnessing what I have had to endure, but I have been stripped from my old garment to put on new. Cleansing from what was to what will be. I went through my own program with a thought of what will be not what was. As I finished my program & set the scene for my blessing to come, cleanse out what was, a provision came for me to replace what was once torn. With much, I obtained worn out shoes but with little, I will gain many pairs, why because my faith has moved from the physical to the internal, and because I now understand my investment, I need not to worry about my shoes being worn for they will be replaced, and what once broken will be healed. I get to come out of my shame and stand on solid ground.

So, what now? My identity will be changed. The focus is Image 3, and if you have time, go there and read where I am being taken because it was considered Image 3, but it is getting a new identity and I have the investment to invest what is in my profile. 

It will now be considered Image 1. It is where I will circulate most of my time and energy, building. I want you guys to take a look at this image & tell me what do you see? 

All but one pair shows a loafer. A restored loafer. What I tried to do on my own, didn’t work, the evidence is up above, but since I have been humbled and listened to what God has given unto me to bring me out, I now get to possess new shoes w/ very little. Because the little I reference too is what is in my hand that God will use to bring me out because it is symbolic to saying, “I am enough.” 

Remember, I don’t just quote this, I live this. I am Beauty Manifesting & you are too. 👇

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