How the book of Genesis can help you with your wardrobe?

I know, you are like, hey, I am not a believer. I don’t read the bible. I get it and this post isn’t to pass my beliefs onto you, as a matter of fact, when I mention God in any way, it is because His methods make sense just like now.

In the book of Genesis, it says, “In the beginning, God created….He said, “Let there be light,” and it was light.” God used words to bring about His desires & it was so.

I know you are wondering, um, He is God, He can do that. You are right, but You can too. Your wardrobe starts with words before formation.

Let’s teach you how to, “Call forth your style.”

Step 1: Pick an item. (Let’s start w/ Top)
Ques? What kind of top are you looking for?
Ans. Hmm, a pink one.
Okay, a pink top. Will you like it plain, sheer, chiffon, organza?
Ans. Organza
Pink Organza top, Will you like prints?
Ans. Yes, floral
Okay, floral pink organza top, sleeve choice?
Ans. No, I don’t have a sleeve choice

Style tip: Know your style before you purchase a garment. 

Step 2: Know your size, the top style to purchase, organza material normally comes in blouses. 

Step 3: You have spoken your top into existence, but it still must come forward, how? Search for the description of that top & see if it exist. If the saying is true, then, there is nothing new under the sun, and your top does exist. It existed before you had a thought about it, but you had to use your powers as a creator to bring it about.
You can’t simply, say I want a top. You must know what you want & be specific. Saying, I want a top, leads you to being all over the place. Many brands, designers, stores have tops, but you must choose your style choice to receive what it is you desire.
Yes, the bible is a reference book. The same way, God spoke and it was so, you must do the same.
Again, your words lead to your wardrobe. It leads to your choice. You must be its guide, so you can receive what it is you want.

Fendi pink floral organza top

 Creation doesn’t need income. A vision board of your style choice will do. If you aren’t in a position to afford the item, no worries, keep the choice and see if you can find a replica. More than likely, you will see the garment style within your budget or your income will raise to purchase your desires. 

Lifestyle tip: if you don’t see a style choice you prefer, than you are more than likely a designer, and life is asking for your ideas. You have the ability to bring your vision of the top into being. You use those same words but take your vision & apply it accordingly.

Remember, (this has a literal meaning. The work is internal not external.

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