I am going to help you build a mini portfolio for going out.

The weekend is arriving & I know you are ready to hit the town, hang out with family or friends, and/or significant other. I want to help you prep by teaching you a simple method to get to the wardrobe of choice for the evening. I know you are tired of having to, “figure it out,” and that is okay, I am too, so we are going to help one another. πŸ‘‡

First: Decide

Even if you know where you are heading, ask yourself, “Where do I want to go?”

Answer that question as detailed as possible,

Example: I want to go to the Hookah bar off of Greenville Avenue called Sway (made that up πŸ˜‚), or we are attending a rooftop party in downtown dallas.

Why does it matter? Here is why: the detail presented in the statement will help you bring about the best wardrobe. (STOP: If you are not a planner, this part of the portfolio ends for you because you need to create this a day or more in advance.)

Once, you have the idea down of where you want to go. Focus on keywords:

Place 1, Hookah Bar-Greenville Avenue

Place 2: Rooftop-Downtown


This style may be way to dressy for a hookah bar and even though they can be worn for evening, this particular evening event will not require this style.

Location: Because many people bar hop and walk around Greenville Avenue, unless in the club areas, the right heels, or dress shoe style is important. Focus on comfort instead of stiletto. It is also a lot of construction sites

Thicker heel style will do, not in that length, but the style is great. Swap the pants for a dressy style jean that flatters. Add some statement earrings for a night of fun.

You have focused on environment, location, and destination.

Try to see if you can find a Hookah bar fashion styles under Google. Be careful, you can use it as inspiration but dont be literal & dont dismiss your individual style. If you cant find it, think about why you like the hookah bar: example, low crowd, more intimate, laid back, soothing, when you do, try to find styles within that ideology.

The top is very lose, the pants are sporty but dressy, the hat is stylish as well as the boots, go smaller in the bag by choosing a miniaudiere & you are off to go. Feminine colors w/ masculine style. Bold print w/ minimum jewelry.

Not my image

If you are to make a statement, stick to solid color bold jewelry, like the gold earring pictured above. Ditch the hat though & keep the earrings or vice versa.

Your style choice is within the words. Always break it down and then, explore the words as style choices like sporty street fashion, discover colors that reflect the night but choose styles within the words.

Now, the rooftop party will have way more examples than hookah bars because it is advertised more fashion wise. You have many ways to break down rooftop party.

First rooftop, and then, party.

Remember it is in the evening. Learn what style roof it is. See if you can see an image before attending. (It matters for your shoes) Will it be seating or not? If you have to stand all night, go with thicker style heels for comfort. Boot season is upon us so there will be more options for style choice. Check the weather for the night. Will they provide warmers? See if they have party promoters and check their style of choice at parties of this nature. Move on to downtown style (google that). Downtown & Uptown Style is already popular so you will see tons of styles that can suit you. Depending on the party style, cocktail dresses can be worn.

You can also choose a more laidback look but again, confirm the style of party before confirming the style of wardrobe. (Yes, it matters)

Ditch the slippers, try a pump. Perfect look. Add some sex appeal by ditching the buttondown top for a bralette or bustier style.

Add a timeless bracelet instead of a watch. Statement Earrings will be enough bling for a selfie. Go bold with the lip & metallic in the eye. Your settled look allows you to dramatize your beauty.

Now, you have collected so many ideas, looks, inspiration, it is time to narrow it down.

(If you are prepping to get your hair done, I hope you have an idea of style because you will need that image.)

I am not into anyone changing themselves for an outfit. If your hair is styled already,

Key number 1, find the look that already an associated style with your look.

Mira Duma (not my image)

My arm is up within the image, this may seem strange, but the position of your body & the image selected needs to be relatable. The more relatable it is, the more of the likelihood that you will wear it.

Prime Example:

In this look, her head is slanted & hair parted in similar style to my image. Check this out πŸ‘‡

See the similarity in style. Freaky huh, lol, but what you want exist, you just need to discover it. Now, dont change you to fit the garment, look for the garment that fits your style.

BAM! Flare dresses! I have a portfolio on hand, this is from my portfolio. I dont have to go through all this because I already have. I can just go to my portfolio & choose inspiration on there based off the event of the evening. πŸ‘πŸ™Œ.

4 separate images all leading back to 1 style.

I think you are starting to understand the process but let’s put the looks together & see. Make sure you have photogrid or pic collage app for collaging images. 

Now, for the final result. Once, you learn, you can apply it to whatever area of your life you need too.


Step 1: Decide “Where do I want to go” & Choose

Step 2: Breakdown your choice of event, place & location

Step 3: Use those words as guides to find your inspirational style.

Step 4: Use your hairstyle choice & compare that image to the inspiration chosen.

Step 5: Compare & Contrast. Does this image match up with the style choice given? If yes, you are on the right path.

Step 6: Create a collage of this inspiration gathered. Use it for shopping for a new item or wardrobe styling from your closet. Anything within those style choices will do.

Just so you will not get confused.

You can always look the place up & see what everyone else was wearing & style accordingly. Even if you do, make sure YOU ARE within the image. Yes, your style is in there. You are ALWAYS drawn to some aspect of you.

Whew, that was a lot but it is worth it. Your image should matter to you. How you present yourself should matter. It isnt about money but a dedication & patiences to your style choice & inner being. You matter! And, Remember





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