At who has their own affordable high-end fashion and trends for Fall and Winter 17,18, has introduced: corduroy pants and floral tops as a trend. 

I really love this late 60s, 70s trend that has been revised to fit the modern woman. And, no worries, I didn’t take you back in time w/ the white boots, they are trending too 🙎😍. I haven’t seen an as popular brand that is affordable since H&M & Topshop but no worries, I have a new list coming that will inform you of all the popular sites, brands, & brick & mortars to shop at. 

You know, to get your personal style & sites, you can go through our program, but meantime, Check out some of my favorite picks and check out our style blog to see where to get all the cool looks posted. 💋👇
Self Portrait
3.1 Phillip Lim (Sum to Fall add a black turtleneck)

Corduroy Pants (velvet corduroy pants)

Which pick did you like? Leave a comment & let me know in the comment section. 👇💋💕 More style choices at Polyvore, if you want to take a peek 👀

Don’t forget that you can pair these 2:

And, remember, beyond the wardrobe, style picks, and smart shopping choices, our motto is still 👇

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