Okay, Sunday I saw me writing on a shirt that said, “Circumstances,” and, then, I took the shirt & hung it up representing, me, no longer choosing to wear what I am going through. 

I have worn my circumstances as a badge of honor. Making sure that others could see my hurt before I am judged or embarassed by it. There are many reasons that I have chosen not to desire to wear that garment anymore. One main reason is, “I AM NOT MY CIRCUMSTANCES!” I am not who people think or say that I am. I am not others emotions about me. I am not the trouble I’ve went through. I am not past situations. 

I AM beautifully me and I have imperfections. Those imperfections helps me to blossom in unfit trials. I identify w/ the lotus flower and how its beauty isn’t seen in murky water, but in the morning it rises and opens up.

If I belonged to my troubles than I wouldn’t be able to see the beauty beyond the ashes, the hopes of tomorrow, & the joy that lies within the day. 

I chose to follow that vision on Sunday and write CIRCUMSTANCES on my shirt that I no longer need. I was preparing to hang it up when noise filled my head, take a picture of it, video record yourself doing it, talk to people, blah, blah, blah. I got distracted for 2 days but today, I said, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH,” and I looked for the garment, found it, hung it up and released.

I cried as though I knew I would. The pain runs deep, but I am ready to hear joy come from out of belly and laugh again. 

Hanging the shirt up says, I no longer choose to wear it, eventually my mind will process this truth and I will be able to move on to completely tossing it away. 

I have already chosen the new garment to replace it, which is a garment of praise. 

Thank God, I am free from the pain of yesterday, the heartache of what was and that I can focus my energy into the positive atmosphere of forgiveness and love for myself. 

I am ready to put on the new garment of praise and dance to a new song. 

Photo credit: https://julieamarxhausen.wordpress.com/

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