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There is an individual inside of there.
Despite the noise on the outside of you: people’s judgements, society telling you who to be, pressures of desiring to fit in instead of standing out, despite it all, you have an individual in you. A woman, a man that is ready & willing to stand w/ you and by you, called, yourself.
You are your greatest friend. I know it has been quoted on many occasions that you are your greatest enemy, and it has been embedded so much that we have that down pack. We know how to sabotage what is going good for us to accept less. We know how to bow unto the noise that prevents us from being all that we desire to be. We have repeated over & over again that there isn’t enough room for me to succeed the way it has been placed down in my soul, but Enough is Enough, and we can’t keep allowing ourselves to accept that we are our enemy. We need the focus to be on us being our greatest friend. The introduction needs to be rewritten and there is a time that we come too, in life, where we have to accept a new way of seeing ourselves.
In Christianity, the new formation is called being born again. When you are born again, you come into a new ideology, belief in the Trinity, and you accept the gift that Christ has provided through his death, burial, and resurrection, and receive the Holy Spirit as a guide into the new found life and appointment your life is now under. You, come into a mindset that you are not your own and do not have to face this journey alone. You adapt a new nature and is presented with the adult version of yourself that is a co-creator with God. Despite, if you believe in the system that God has placed on this earth to connect w/ Him, the individual inside of you still calls.
That individual desires to be renewed, rejuvenated, revived, and resurrected so you can go forward w/ the calling upon your life. You are challenged to be your own best friend, to stand up for your being and creativity that has been placed on the inside of you, to set boundaries, and be encouraged to succeed within your calling.
Your inner being has all that you need, for always. Your guide leads you into new paths of righteousness and success for God’s sake of showing His Glory upon his children.
You may wonder how does all of what I have said trickles back down into style. Style is a formation of your inner compass leading you into being all that you are and hope to be. Fashion is just the paint you will use to paint your canvas with. Your image, style, and lifestyle is your trinity. Your image (wardrobe) is what you carry out into the world. It is your brand, your carbon footprint that you will leave upon the earth. Your style is your inner being that reflects through your image. It is your confidence and tenacity to go forward into being all that you hope to be. Your lifestyle is a cater to your image and style. It is your contribution back into the world.
You are a divine creation w/ capabilities and opportunities to duplicate your ideology out into the world. Connect with the individual within, see what you have been missing by not being one with your overall being.
If you need help connecting, stay close to Beauty Manifesting, become inspired by our post, and when you are ready, sign up for our program that will lead you as the Butterfly was led, as you transition into the best you possible.
Photo credit: Modern Nomad

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