There was a part of the closet that I didn’t mention while detailing about the clean-up process and organization, and that is the nostalgia, sentimental pieces that no longer have a place but is definitely not worth throwing away.

But, it did get me to thinking, “When do you begin to let go or do you keep as a reminder of where all you been and what you have accomplished. For me, it is therapy in itself. My parents didn’t always have the best of relationships and my mom had to suffer through physical abuse which resulted in us not always having a stable place to live. We had got use to being sat down to choose which parent we will like to go with, in which, was painful in itself. After crying over not making a decision and eventually choosing my mother, we would leave until we begged our mother to go back. We left behind so much until I no longer could pull from the past. What we had is whatever we packed.

This lifestyle continued until my mom and dad got a divorce, after that, it became a pattern. I didn’t start back collecting until it could fit into a phone. When I won something, I would give it to my parent/s to keep, and I would only keep what fit into my now. Life always had a way of snatching what I desired to hold on too as if it wasn’t meant for me to have it. Is it healthy to have nostalgia pieces or must you always have a bag to pack and ready to go?

The pieces I still have are:

  • College Graduation Gown and Cap: 2014 was my last year in college. I realized at the time that I wanted psychology but with fashion. I had also finally made it to university level after 8 years of unsuccessfully then successfully graduating with my Associates Degree, boosted my GPA, just to land back to where I began in 2011, having a block on my transcript and now owing over $2000 because I had to drop out of school for missing so many days from my son being sick and just simply not having a ride to school.


  • Both diplomas: Terrell High, Class of 05 & Trinity Valley Community College. I remember my counselor helped me to get my cap and gown for graduation and the college one came w/ tuition, lol. I graduated college w/ a 4.0 GPA and was on the Dean’s List. My last push was one of my first because I had never been an all As student.


  • The Beauty of my Story Hoodie, I actually won, and they asked me what I desired on it and I put The Beauty of my Story. Before, Beauty Manifesting, The Beauty of my Story was the push. I had made up my mind in Oct. 2014 that going into 2015 that I would dedicate myself to writing and finishing my book titled, The Bride. I was determined to become an author. I had my own website w/ the name, IG, Twitter, and blog. I had learned so much about going into the market, selling yourself, & gaining an audience. It wasn’t easy but during the process I was performing spoken word, featured on multiple blogs and sites, wrote for Soso Magazine, Stuff Dudes like, and was requested as a poet to perform at a fashion show for Domestic Violence Awareness and a Shine On program that I actually runway walked in. Me, as an author, came to an abrupt end when I lost my parents. I also had a pull to get back to pushing for combining psychology and fashion. In Oct. 2015, I went back to fashion and BM was created. In Oct. 2016, I dedicated myself back to the road of fashion & BM, and, well, the story continues to unfold.


There are items not pictured like my All-Star Cast trophy, notebooks of poetry, song lyrics, written and unwritten books, the pictures I have left, my son’s old toys & baby items from when he was a baby (Not in my closet) and a metal, I can’t recall for.

These pieces are important to me. It reminds me that I actually accomplished something and that I have memories. Memories keep what I can’t keep close.

So, when is the time to get rid of those items and do you? Do they transition to boxes for storage? Do you save them and later create their own space (In which I desire to do)? Or do you simply retire them and just learn to create more memories?

Here is a great article to read at your leisure that explains when to let go of sentimental items.

(The good news, in which I was so afraid to click on the article, is that there are ways to incorporate your keep-sake items back into your home. They also teach the difference between love and guilt. They inform you about turning the items digital and/or keeping the items that really mean the most to you, meaning that you love.)

I can say, right now, that I am not ready, but I am healing & will discover a way for them to have a home and not become clutter, that I will bring them back out to have as display for others to know where I have come from.

For now, they are neatly put away and small in numbers.

Leave a comment, express your feelings & opinion on this topic and Remember,


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