While away, I read, studied, researched about the fashion industry, next steps for Beauty Manifesting, fall trends, but the most important thing, I started closet organization, which is a service offered after going through the program. I journalized about the first part of my journey and wish to implent or encourage you to do the same. It is one thing to look at my garments as just clothing, it is another to look at them as the story that has yet to be written, the reason why I have been holding myself back. My garments read me and where I lack. I discovered so much of myself and I journalized to give you guys the opportunity to step into my therapy section.

All the emotions you will be able to read and feel if you can connect. It is the next in my manifesting phase.

Entry 1 will be available after this post, so, look out for it and leave a comment expressing to me how you felt entering the process with me.


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