Closet Organization & Wardrobe Development

Closet Organization/Therapy Journal Entry

Entry 1:

I looked into my closet, clothes, not in order, bags, shoes, and other items scattered all over the place, things that are not even my own, and I had enough. It was time to put the program into action. It’s funny how it started w/ a new month and August is the 8th month representing new beginnings. I took all of my clothes out and placed them on the bed. I already had an idea of where I am going based off the program, so I knew to sort it by Image 1,2,&3. Image 1 represents my rebellious side, but in detail to my style & lifestyle, it is an opportunity to discover a new voice within, a new path, and cleaning out my closet can be the first step.

I put them in order by Image. Image 1, Image 2, & Image 3. I immediately noticed a pattern and how it all started to make sense. I am the walking, talking version of my program. I had saw that I was already operating & purchasing w/I the style & lifestyle created for me. Image 1 contains a lot of blacks and I decided to give the purple & silver hangers to those clothing. The garments w/I the Image are crop tops, sheer blouses, wrap dresses, black & white, edgy pieces, masculine, Army Green, high-waist shorts and others. We have already come to a conclusion that they will be incorporated pieces for Image 2&3.

Image 2: had a lot of bohemian rhapsody pieces, pink, white, off white, blues, festival clothing, fringe, and other. It is very feminine. We determined that Image 2 is for living life, partying, meeting new people, trying new things, being open minded. I must have already got the memo because that is where my financial investment has went the most. I have been desiring to live in the moment each chance that I could get.

Image 3: Was determined to be minimalist style. I had already started the journey w/ conservative and contemporary pieces. Solids, blazers, stripes, navies, masculine style all contributed to my wardrobe.

Once the items where in order I was ready to put my clothes back in the closet. I have not made the next steps. The organization process is still in. We have tons of work to do, but everything is in order and on schedule. The hangers are now organized by color and soon, we will have all the hangers with their rightful garments.

I knew it was time to get rid of everything that no longer suited me. All the clothes that no longer had a place, outgrown, or was just hanging on too, was being disposed of or put in a bag for a give away. I cleaned the rest of my closet. My children’s items went to their room. I had got my space back.

When I looked at my clothing, I became depressed. I had realized that I had invested my money into living it up and rebelling that my future and business wardrobe lacked. Minimalist was chosen for me because it represented where I am going and my individualism. If I had already been making the transition over to minimalist style, why was I lacking in that department? I became excited that I haven’t purchased any new garments from the portfolio because my desire was to put majority of my money into Image 2, but this isn’t the time. I need to be more grounded, so I can be more established as a Business Owner and the Head of my Household. I was able to see where my focus and drive needs to be placed. My wardrobe spoke to me and I listened. Luckily, I am able to find all the websites and look at future purchases from my portfolio so I have no need to worry about going through the program again. I can just adjust my wardrobe account accordingly. My true investment is in my future and the growth and success of Beauty Manifesting. It is what really matters right now.

Entry 2 will come soon as part 2 is put in order: Wardrobe Inventory. I need to go through and see what I have and what I lack. This process is important. There will be no more wild spending but strategic, so I can grow into the best me possible. I know that clothes have lifestyles of their own. I am ready.





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