The closet, majority of the time, starts with a door, that is powerful in itself because where does that door lead to or should I say, who does it lead too? Now, you have to be willing to go through that door everyday to get to what you want, or are you?

Is your closet (where your wardrobe is) a place where you just throw items in and you never see the true development of what you have collected. Are you buying to impress the person in the mirror or is it consumed w/ items that you know you will never wear again and hoarding to the idea of what use to be.

Have you outgrown what is in there?

I remember when I desired to grow my wardrobe and see myself differently. I cut out images from a magazine and went with trendy looks. I was very androgynous at the time, so I thought, lol. I was trying to define me in my wardrobe and bring me out. I felt misunderstood and I didn’t feel people could see me in my light. The clothes I wore were affordable and I tried my best to have some type of representation but was failing. The pictures was taped on the door and I had completely ignored what was in my closet. My wardrobe did change but it still lacked another part of me, the feminine me, the girly girl. I was trying to discover balance.

Everything about what I did was motivational but where I had failed, I didn’t clean out the old to make room for the new. I held on to what could be or my circumstance at time. Hey, it probably isn’t smart to throw away clothes when it is all you have but rearranging it and giving it new purpose would have help the item serve until it was passed on or at least thrown out.

With my recent clean up, based off my profile, I have no need to put images on my closet or try to define me because I know who I am and where I am going. I have a clear enough vision to not lose sight. I have rid myself of any other possibility to succeed. Do I lack in the future department, indeed I do, but at least I have a vision for it and know what to work on. My clothing, now, serves purpose, and if it didn’t I rearranged its name like my shirt dresses turned into deconstruction pieces and are now being paired w/ new items.

Redefining what you choose to hold on too allows the item to go with you ahead, at least, until it is replaced and guess what you become comfortable w/ where you are because you know the road ahead is fresher and brighter. You become confident in your garments because you, now, aren’t wearing what you don’t want but what you do.

The inside job is this, when you look in your closet you should see you, the best definition of you possible, at this level and you should be able to see where you are going.

I want you to know that this is part 1 of this topic because there is so much to cover and I do not desire to rob you of what all you can learn.


Here is a great article on How-to Feng Shui your closet.




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