It is time to prep your style and wardrobe around the new Fall/Winter fashion 2017,18. Trends have been in but the stores are rearranging for the new. The season is changing for you to usher out your garments for the season to come.

This new trend that has been recently posted, Deconstructed Classics, is one of my favorites. You can purchase the pieces, or according to Glamour (July ’17 Edition), you can DIY the look. Yayyy! This isn’t an investment trend rather a style to take notice of and apply it to plain, striped, etc. Classics like white button downs, plaids, stripes, shirt dresses, pants…


Here is some street style that you can DIY


You can wear this style w/ two of the same style button downs. One for the front style and the other to tie the front of the other. This look is somewhat avant garde and I am here for the experiment.

Check out more street fashion inspiration:

Not my image
Not my image
Not my image

This new trend can be an outer formation of breaking away from old habits, ways of doing things, style choices of the past. It can be an self-expression of let me defy what classic is. It can also mean the fall of retail as ecommerce is ushered in at an alarming rate. Either way this artistic form is the inspiration for Fall ’17. Will you be joining the movement or rather stick to the classics?


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