We have learned the ins and outs of your style. We were even able to see what it would be like to pair styles of Image 1 through 3. It is now time to try on some clothes virtually where we can see which looks will flatter your body.

The full image wardrobe doesn’t take away the style choice given, it just shows you how to apply it.

The Breakdown is broken down into 3 parts

  • Head Shot
  • Mid
  • Full



  1. Head Shot is to focus on the colors that will suit your skin tone; jewelry that matches your style; hairstyles, beauty, and accessories (if need)
  2. Mid: t-shirts, jackets, blazers, blouses
  3. Full: Dresses, complete looks, jeans, pants, skirts, suits, jumpsuits, rompers

I tempted to use the body chart method to find my distinct body type, but the method was not a good way to discover it. According to the chart, I am pear, triangle and hourglass, but I had to stop the madness because they also planted celebrities like Rihanna and Beyonce w/ the same body type as me in different categories. Instead of using a category for me to fit in, I decided to mark my full body image where my different points meet to see how I will wear my clothes. An example is below. 


  • The top two lines are tops and bust area.
  • The third line is where my tops and bottoms should meet to form my full figure.
  • The side lines are my waist line.

The line method gave me an opportunity to see my check points better than to be compared to fruit & shapes. Sample is below.


I found tops that complimented my shoulder width & bust area w/ stripes, ruffle skirt that is fitted like a pencil skirt to compliment my curves and waist line, and the heel adds height to my overall look. The statement earrings compliments my long neck (which we will get into down below)

The top set is an example of an overall image that compliments my style & body type. 

  1. Stripes (Image 3) Tees (Image 2)
  2. Skirt: Ruffles (Image 2) Color (Image 3)
  3. Statement Earrings (Image 1)

Recap: If you have been following the entire program, then, you know that the Images are relatable to the 3 images that I asked for at the beginning of the program to not only discover your style but that best represents you.

Let’s start with the Head


  • Statement Earrings: A great piece to pair w/ an elongated neckline. It also brings out my face.
Not my image

Hair & Beauty (Image 1& 3): instagrid_2017727194327284

Color w/ hairstyle that can perfectly match my skintone and wardrobe.



Sample of hair, color, and beauty that perfectly matches my skin tone & facial features

Other examples:



Other colors, hairstyles & beauty images will be shown via slideshow (they will also come up as clothing is viewed)



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Mid: Mid looks will be based off the guidance received through the headshot to find the best tops



Due to smaller cleavage, ruffles can be a great distraction from your lack in size. Patterns & designs will fill in where you lack. Darker colors as well.

Other tops for Day, Evening/Night, & business:

  • Day
  • Evening/Night
  • Business
Lanvin Top (matchesfashion.com)


Blazers & Jackets: Tailored blazers is always a plus here. Due to lack of cleavage, lower v-neck will continue to elongate the body while complimenting what you lack. Longer in length blazers will slim your hips and show off your waist.




Perfect blazer, long in length, compliments the bust and waist, great color match for evening or business, fits into styles Image 1&3.

nordstrom.com (Topshop jacket)

Long in length, great color choice, compliments bust & waist, perfect style choice for Image 1.



Perfect tshirt: long in length, ruffles, layered, w/i color realm, compliments bust, Image 2













Suits: Based off body shape, it is better to buy pieces to create a suit than to buy a 2 piece combination. Buy the blazer style according to your body & pant.

Coats: Buy by your silhouette and style. You won’t be comfortable if the look lacks your personality.

saksfifthavenue.com max and mara
saksfifthavenue.com (dolce and gabbana)

Jumpsuits & Rompers

revolve.com (play Image 2 & color of Image 3)
bergdorfgoodman.com between Business & Evening Attire

We have officially pealed back every aspect of your style including image, style inspiration, wardrobe, wardrobe inspiration, lifestyle, overall image, and then, broke it down to help you pick out the best colors, garments for your body choice, and beauty picks. You have been set up to manifest into the best quality of you. Take the advice and apply it accordingly.

Welcome to Beauty Manifesting: you have done the inner work, now, apply the outer.


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