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What if I told you that there is a part of you that needs to be taken off? This garment has held you back for a long time and now, it is time to release it?

Hi, my name is Matasha and I have suffered from worrying. A garment that I have worn for so long and have not known how to take it off. I realize that every day I can be happy even in the sunshine and rain, for they work together to bring out the best in me, and the majority of what I have been concerned about never manifests itself, but stops my joy and happiness. It controls my outlook on life and tends to put me in a hole instead of being on the top of the mountain.

Why is happiness so fleating? Why isn’t its desire to stay and remain? Happiness doesn’t leave us, we leave it. We have a tendency to feel that if we are happy then we aren’t concerned about what is happening to us, leaving us victim to our circumstances.

My issue is that I have chosen to wear a garment that no longer suits me. The truth is, I still want to look at my issues with my eyes close and take a peek every now and then to see if what I desire has come to be or am I facing the ultimate doom, lol.

Why is this topic so relatable to style? Style, contaminated can leave you vulnerable and not able to be all that you desire to be. The garment of worry can cause you not to showcase your best self.


At the end of the day, we are okay to be happy and yes, with the world being chaotic, bills due, trouble all around us, yes, that fear can be conquered. It says, in the NIV version of the bible, Matthew 6:25 (Paraphrasing), “Do not worry.” It tells us about our garments. Christ says our Father knows what we have in need of. You can believe in your way, but know that the truth stands, “The garment that needs to be released is worrying, and the one to wear w/ praise is happiness.”


Beauty Manifesting is here to help you bring out the best you possible. The beautiful thing is, I get to go on this journey w/ you. I am not exclusive to what life can bring, but I can choose to be happy.


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