So, we learned the rebellion behind feminine edge on yesterday, Recap: a woman breaking free to identify with herself, the individual inside, who she desires to be. 

So, what is masculine edge and how does that give men a power to go against the grain and step out?


When I first looked at masculine edge editorial, women in adrogynous style appeared and wore a masculine look, think the 50s style & The play Grease; as I put in masculine edge editorial men, some of the same images appeared but a different style arose. Men were wearing pieces that are considered feminine. 

not my image

Why is masculine edge the opposite of masculinity? Why do they dare to travel outside of the norm?

Not my image

When you no longer identify, or cannot stand to be quiet to the rules, you get an outer formation that expresses the total opposite of what the 1st idea should be?


But, why?

We each have our own set of finger prints, that finger print isn’t like anyone elses. It is our very own identity. Even though my children came from my womb they cannot be me, no matter how hard they try. Even our skin tones are not the same. We have our very own. When men do not agree w/ the idea (someone else’s thoughts) of what masculinity is, it begins to be expressed outwardly. They tend to rebel against the norm. But, the norm cannot be the norm if it doesn’t come from within. In our style choices they must reflect who we are, what we identify with, our very being or it simply will not work.

Not my image

There is no need to shout it to where you lose to express you, you can incorporate feminine style into your wardrobe w/o losing the sense of masculinity. It takes time & patience to express a form of you that isn’t rebellious but just is. You have to get to know yourself and then, your brand will form. Your looks will become cohesive, no longer a rebellious, an identity.

Not my image
Sheer top, sequins, sac de jour tote (all feminine associated styles) 
Floral print (another feminine associated style)


Sheer top (not my image)
Sheer outerwear
Not my image
Sequins & bags

Other Inspiration:

To bring out the healthy version of masculine edge look below 👇


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