Femininity is the idea of what a woman should look like. This idea originated from men and rules placed on women. Beauty was about keeping yourself neat and polished. When you think of ripped, distressed, leather, you don’t think of a woman, a biker prehaps, & if she is a female, you may think that she isn’t feminine. You may believe she is borrowing from the boys, but a motorcycle was created as a form of faster transportation. Men (and I mean a collection of ideas) decided to advertise this market towards men, but that doesn’t mean a woman can’t be a biker, or just borrow from the style and pair it with feminine pieces.


Why do we dare desire to go outside the norm than to dress like little ladies? It seems as if we would be respected more, have stability, maybe even live the American dream. It is a form of perfection if you think about it. Why do they desire women to be perfect instead of herself? I feel as when a woman dares to wear a piece that shouldn’t coexist like pearls and black leather, I think she is identifying with a woman inside of her that says, let me be bad!


What does bad mean? Unfortunately, it means, let me be me. Why is authenticity the rarest career form because it dares you to step outside of the norm, well, in Beauty Manifesting case, back into the norm, what norm, your norm. Who you really are, inside. The woman that can identify with being feminine but can purchase a piece that identifies w/ her journey and story than to be a competition piece that battles with another woman or ideology of what man thinks because she may never win, is choosing to just be, herself.

Photo credit: Pinterest
Photo credit: Pinterest

I believe feminine edge is allowing the woman to express herself, unidentified by anyone’s ideology of what that is for her. Choosing the path less travelled because it is your own.


My daughter was taken on a shopping spree with her aunt. She picked up some t-shirts that had many different sayings on it. She was forming a way to express herself. She chose tees that were of feminine color but each one had words on them. My daughter has never been taught that a woman should be seen and not heard. I have, but she doesn’t come from the thoughts of the older generation. She dares to speak when she desires and dance when she gets ready too. She is feminine edge. Now, I don’t speak in those terms to get you to go and buy a tshirt that expresses who you are. I have a greater thought for you, let it show up in your style. You have something to say, bring it out through your favorite style choice or garment piece, even accessory, and say, “Hey, world, I am here for me, present in this very moment, bathing in my existance, now, take that.”


My outer expression showed up in LOD and my styled pieces for the style blog but now, you can apply today’s LOD to your life. How, well, look below 👇


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