I know that title sounds bizarre and if you live in Texas, I sound like a mad person on the loose, especially where around 10am the degree is 86°. Okay, someone go and get the straitjacket 😣.

I mean, who would want to wear black in the summer. The answer is me, and any other person whose favorite garment pieces is black. The great thing is the way to wear it is the material that comes w/ its own style just like wearing black itself. So, what are they? πŸ‘‡



You can incorporate the 3 into your regular summer wardrobe: sheer over dress w/ a body suit or over a tee w/ jeans; Chiffon dress w/ minimalist pieces or trending flatform sandals; Organza top w/ jeans or wide leg pants (high waist). However, you are inspired to wear it, cooler material clothes are the best pairing for summer and no worries, there is no shortage of that material out there in all price ranges.

Be inspired, and here is more inspo. For your pleasure.


Chiffon (Alexander McQueen) modalist.com
Organza dress pinterest.com
SheerΒ https://www.modaoperandi.com/philosophy-di-lorenzo-serafini-fw16/sheer-tulle-ruffle-dress

Leave a comment letting me know your favorite. Which is your choice? How do you wear black in the summer?


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