Are you into blazers, oxfords, loafers, trousers, worn out jeans, well, those styles are borrowed from the boys. It was Yves Saint Laurent that was the designer that dared to put a female in a full suit with a cigarette in her hand. 

Now, those styles aren’t specifically for men, that isn’t the notion that is created here because if you look up masculine editorial then you will see that women in men style clothing will show up in the images instead of men in men clothing. Masculinity is just a style that has its origins from men style. It is the same idea when it comes to feminine but we see men borrowing from feminine style w/ colors & florals. We borrow from each other. Funny thing is, in the animal kingdom, if you want to see something flamboyant then look for the male species. The females aren’t normally radiate and as beautiful, but in our world, females are the ones that stand out the most. 

Masculine editorial (not my image)

Feminine editorial style (not my image)

To pair masculine and feminine pieces, it is not to go and shop w/i the men’s department but to look at men style in the women’s section. Find brands & websites that cater to adrogynous style, look up images of men fashion and use that inspiration to pair with other feminine pieces that you already have or wish to buy. 

All women clothing w/ masculine & feminine pieces style

Check out some pairings & to know the brands & websites associated w/ the garments go to the previous posts associated w/ the image. 

Masculine style top (white button down), camoflouge, & loafer shoes

Masculine style blazer, loafers

How-to pair 👫 (masculine) (feminine) (feminine)

Other Inspiration

Combination of masculine & feminine pieces

Photo Credit: Style du monde Chiara Ferragni (masculine piece: blazer)

Combination (masculine pieces: color black & boyfriend blazer)

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