What if I told you that style isn’t found in your age but in the fact that you are changing and since you are changing your style tends to desire to develop with you.

Style isn’t a process that when something, “goes out of style,” then, that style goes with it, no, why do you see designers and brands being inspired from past eras like the 70s and 80s. Style doesn’t go out of style, it changes with the individual. Who you are, develops not changes. You are a creation that continues to develop because you are a seed within a seed and as you mature you tend to desire to dress your body within that change.

Some changes we go through are collective and that is why, people like me, can use that information to create a collective piece, style, inspiration that can inspire multiple not just one. We all go through changes just not the same. Who we are reflects that change and that change reflects our wardrobe. Your ability to relate to another creates a collective wardrobe that others can adapt to like you.

Will each wardrobe have the same reflection at the same time, no. Susie may have her experience at 39 while Martha may have her experience at 40. Neither one is wrong but experiences show up at their own accord and we use it as a reflection of who we are. 


I am not having the same experience that I had in my 20s as I am in my 30s even though I have only been 30 for a month and some weeks. My focus is different and therefore, my old wardrobe is coming short to my new direction in life. In the past, I had no drive to create Beauty Manifesting. My drive was to be accepted, have friends, use my time to engage with others. There was nothing wrong with my desire but how I went about it was not the best way. My wardrobe reflected the time of then, and now, my wardrobe must reflect the time of today no matter how long I have been in this position. I am changing. What do I see my wardrobe as of now? Those signs of change has always been there for me because they showed up in how I shopped. I paid more attention to details. The places that I use to shop, I was no longer attracted too, and now, where I desire to spend is changing again, why because I am. 

Now, I posted earlier images of inspiration (located w/i the style blog) of wardrobe that reflected different age groups. I will post them again as well as other inspiration that inspires. See them through the eyes of age and collective experiences instead of ages and clothing. Do you see what these groups have in common? Can you see it in you?

Jennifer Lawrence mid 20s (not my image)

Late 20s Rihanna

Lily Aldridge early 30s
Solange early 30s (not my image)

Beyonce mid 30s (not my image)
Jessica Alba mid 30s (not my image)

Rosario Dawson late 30s (not my image)

Christina Applegate mid 40s (not my image)

Julia Roberts late 40s

Halle berry early 50 (not my image)
Paula abdul mid 50s (not my image)
Jamie lee curtis late 50s (not my image)

Katie Couric 60 (not my image)

Jane Seymour mid 60s (not my image)
Olivia Newton-John late 60s (not my image)

The collective experience of women being women and watching their bodies change. They do not have the same style. It is their collective experience that shapes their wardrobe. 

We are changing,


Then Out.

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