The overall image is beyond a recap. It is where the style completely unfolds. Image 1, 2 & 3, are parts of who you are but they must come together to represent your transformation.



This is the butterfly stage. You have broke through who you use to be, went through the process of whom you can become, but now, you must emerge and be all that you have been created to be. It is now time for you to come forth: Image, Style, and Lifestyle. When this is over, the new you will be ready and the profile will be complete. It will be up to you to take the advice and apply it to your life.


Welcome to the NEW you!


You were introduced with the mindset of rebelling against your past and it showed. You were ready to wear bralette clothing, sheer garments, distressed denim, any item that would have let someone know you can’t be controlled, you are who you are, and there is nothing wrong w/ that, but we learned that your voice had been crippled by the past and was limiting you from creating new visions for yourself. The best path to take is self-discovery. Travel and taste life again for yourself, become all that you desire to be and not from a place of hurt, but renewal. 

Not my image (used as an example)

We continued to image 2, and there, you voiced that you are ready for the new, which is great because Image 1 is in need of it, but not before your new voice is found, once it has been, then you are ready to move on to phase 2, and try new foods, environments, host parties, and meet new people, When your voice is discovered you will be ready to walk right in when the time, opportunity presents itself.

Not my image

So, you have sought your new voice, tried out the new and ventured into new territory, you are now at a phase of development. You have decided in your heart, you don’t want to go back. You are more than comfortable with where you are and possess confidence in your capability. This is where you rise. You are to become who you were designed to be. Settle here, and build a life for yourself. You have no need to retreat and you have already won the battle. You are now able to be a leader in your field and speak for someone else that may need to know how did your life become so enriched.

Not my image


The Combination

Here, you will discover how to combine the looks and play with all the 3 styles to wear an overall look.

  • Words to focus on: rebel, play, minimalism
not my image/Image 2
nordstrom.com/Image 2 & 3
farfetch.com Image 1, 2, & 3
mytheresa.com Image 1, 2, & 3
modalist.com Image 1 & 2
forwardbyelysewalker.com Image 1, 2, & 3

This combination look has a focus of all three images, Image 3 minimalism stripes, shapes, blazers, clean cut and solids, Image 2, playfulness w/ brands, ruffles, floral, hair, & Image 1, blazers, black, statement bag & earrings

Style tip: There is no price tag when it comes to inspiration. As a matter of fact, to be precised in your style choice go outside of income. When you are ready to buy, go within income and use the inspiration and buy as close as possible.

Not my image/Image 3, minimalism
runway2street.com Image 1&3
zara.com image 3, minimalism
modaoperandi.com Image 2&3
charleskeith.com Image 1&3
farfetch.com Image 2

Combination of all 3 with a focus on minimalism combined w/ Image 1, rebel & Image 2, play

Not my image/Image 3
Modaoperandi.com/Image 1&2
etsy.com combination of 1,2&3
Harrods.com Image 2
mulberry.com Image 1&3
yoins.com Image 1&3

Even though the style of a piece may noy be a match, the color within that style can be and can be used.

This set has a combination 1, 2 & 3. Image 1, color black, statement earrings; Image 2, earrings, floral, braided denim, tees; Image 3, minimalism tee, casual loafers, hairstyle

This has been an example of how to combine the 3 images, and you received the overall examination of your style. If you focus on the 3 words when desiring to wear the combination of all 3, then, you will coordinate the looks as the examples shown.

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