Here in North Texas the weekend calls for Day Parties, and w/ Jay Z dropping a new album, it will get lit. Also, listening parties will concur tonight which is a different look in itself. For a Jay Z listening party stick w/ black and evening attire because those looks represents his style. He is more formal, business style of hip hop than the norm.

Not my image

The attire for day parties is definitely not the same as the night. The times usually run between 3-10pm, right before the night owls come out to party. It is more dressy casual than close to formal and evening attire.

Women Day Party Styles: Casual Dresses, Jumpsuits, Stripes, Ruffles, Bright Colors, White, statement earrings & bags

Self Portrait
Alex Perry
Needle and Thread
  • Stripes
Street Fashion (Not my image)
  • Statement Earrings

  • Jumpsuits

  • Other Looks

Men Style: Black, White, Floral, Casual Tops, Trousers, Fedora, Loafers, Casual Oxfords

  • Black
Not my image
  • White

Joseph Poplin

  • Floral


  • Oxfords & Loafers

You aren’t limited to these ideas. Your look is hidden in your style. Choose best for you.

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